Botany Bay Georges River Boating Safety Plan

The Botany Bay Georges River Boating Safety Plan will see the development and implementation of a range of initiatives to address safety on the waterway.

Botany Bay and the Georges, Woronora and Cooks Rivers, which together form the estuary system, are the focus of this boating safety plan. The catchment drains a landmass of approximately 960km2, including parts of 11 local government areas, and has a population of around 1 million people.

The Georges River begins near Appin, and flows in an easterly direction, through Liverpool and the Chipping Norton Lakes, to Botany Bay. A number of significant tributaries and creeks feed into the river system, including the Woronora River and Salt Pan and Prospect Creeks.

Botany Bay is approximately 55km2 in area and is Sydney’s major shipping port, including oil and container facilities. The Kingsford-Smith airport runways extend significantly into Botany Bay.

The lower reaches of the Cooks River, from the mouth of the river to the Princes Highway bridge, are subject to this plan. This part of the river is used primarily to access Botany Bay, either by one of its boat ramps or from a swing mooring.

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