Containerised Cargo Demand Assessment: Central West NSW

Transport for NSW commissioned three studies to investigate the demand for transporting containerised cargo in regional NSW. The aim was to:

  • Define the demand for containerised cargo over time
  • Identify existing and potential future contestable flows of containerised cargo
  • Identify existing intermodal terminals in the cargo catchment, potential new competing terminals, and define the impacts of these potential terminals on transport behaviour
  • Identify potential economic benefits in the study area arising from the development of intermodal terminals.

Please note this report was originally published on 28 October 2015 and was updated and republished on 1 December 2015 with some text changes in the section on Alkane Resources (Page 17). The key change is an amendment to the data on inputs from “500 to 600 tonnes” to “500 to 600 thousand tonnes”. These changes have no impact on the underlying model.

Current version