Review of Livestock Loading Scheme


The Livestock Loading Scheme (LLS) enhances productivity and protects jobs in the meat and livestock industry in NSW. It allows eligible vehicles to carry a greater number of animals in one movement and to operate at higher mass limits (HML) with specific conditions.

The scheme, developed in consultation with meat and livestock industry stakeholders and the (then) Local Government and Shires Association, includes measures to minimise road pavement wear, protect vulnerable bridges and reduce livestock vehicle rollovers.

In 2015, Transport for NSW commissioned a review to assess the effectiveness of the scheme.
Key findings

The review found that if the scheme was taken up by a greater number of councils it had the potential to deliver savings up to $10.2 million annually on livestock transport costs, equating to 7,000 fewer truck trips.
The review also identified that the scheme was:

  • More definitive in its requirements for mass limits than Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and the only state to cap at HML
  • More specific in its requirements for driver training (like Victoria) and places stricter limitations on the length and configuration of road trains and B-triples
  • Improving and encouraging individual operator/driver enrolment. As at 1 July 2013, 30 operators and 225 vehicles were enrolled in the scheme. By 29 May 2014, enrolment numbers had grown to 128 operators and 848 vehicles
  • Supporting advances in truck technology designed to improve performance, ensure safety, and protect infrastructure. For example, the driver training program has been most effective in raising the overall proficiency and competency of those drivers who participated; and technology developments such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) have the potential to contribute positively to reducing livestock vehicle rollovers
  • Needing an increased focus on communication, council take-up, and funding (for maintenance and asset management) in order to improve.

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