Sydney's Ferry Future - Modernising Sydney's Ferries

Sydney’s Ferry Future is a twenty year plan that recognises the strengths of Sydney’s ferry services and takes action to improve the ferry transport experience for customers.

Sydney’s ferry services will play an expanded role in our integrated transport system, enhancing Sydney’s attractiveness as a place to live and visit. New services will be introduced to meet customer needs and demand.

Modernisation and expansion of the ferry fleet and wharf infrastructure will support service delivery and enhance customer comfort. It will be easier for private operators to initiate new routes and services within a policy and governance framework that supports a sustainable ferry industry.

Sydney’s Ferry Future is about re-designing ferry services to respond to customer demand and forecast growth. We have analysed demand for all routes, at each wharf and for future growth.

Sydney’s Ferry Future includes plans for more direct services that will reduce travel times for commuters in peak periods and provide additional cross-harbour links.

Service frequency will be optimised to serve the mix of commuter and leisure demands at different times of the week, with an improved base level of service across the week.

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