Transport Freight and Logistics - Sector Demographics

Sustainable growth of the transport and logistics workforce is vital in ensuring the industry meets the future requirements of the NSW economy. Freight volumes in NSW are expected to double by 2031 and skills shortages have the potential to constrain economic growth, impact ability to meet future demand and lead to increased costs and inefficiencies.

In 2014, Transport for NSW commissioned an analysis of the industry sector demographics to understand current and potential skills shortages in the transport, freight and logistics industry.
Key findings

The study examined 37 occupations across the industry and found that:

  • The majority of occupations had balanced or surplus skilled workers in relation to demand
  • Five occupations may experience shortages in the near future: importers; exporters and wholesalers; railway track workers; forestry and logging workers; freight and furniture handlers; deck and fishing hands
  • Stakeholder feedback identified shortages in truck drivers and engineers.

The study provides a snapshot of why particular skill shortages exist and where they are most acute and recommends ways government and industry can work together to address skill gaps and shortages.

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