Who issues NSW travel concessions

These can be issued by the Transport Concessions Office, schools and by service operators.

Where to apply for school student concessions

A student’s school is the most common place for them to apply for a Senior Secondary Student Concession or Proof of Age card.

If students need a card during school holidays, or require a replacement for a Senior Secondary Student Concession Card, or are a home schooled/distance education student, they will need to apply directly to the Transport Concessions Office.


Schools will need to:

  • Register with the Transport Concessions Office

  • List who at the school will be authorised to issue the cards

  • Order supplies from the Transport Concessions Office by November for the following school year

The schools will receive a form on which they can record all the cards issued to students throughout the year, including replacements, lost or returned cards.

When schools issue Proof of Age and concession cards, they will need to verify the student’s identity, school enrolment and age.

They will also need to attach a transport concession security foil to any Senior Secondary Student Concession Cards.

Where to apply for regional excursion day tickets (RED)

These can be purchased from bus drivers when you board a bus.

RED tickets generated by operators that hold a Neighbouring Service Agreement with Contract B operators will be recognised under the same conditions as above.

CountryLink Pensioner Excursion tickets and metropolitan/outer metropolitan Pensioner Excursion tickets cannot be accepted in place of a Regional excursion daily ticket.

Rules for producing regional excursion daily tickets (RED)

RED tickets must be durable for the whole day and remain easy to read.

Operators are free to decide the design of their tickets, however they must include the following information:


  • Ticket title clearly contains the words 'Regional Excursion Daily ticket (RED)'

  • Date of issue clearly marked

  • Name and contact number of bus operator who issued the ticket

  • Serial number – this will be used to track tickets for reporting and reimbursements

  • Date of issue


  • Conditions of Use

  • Operator name and contact details

If the Conditions of Use, operator name and contact details cannot be included on the ticket, then they should be made highly visible to the public on timetables, posters, advertising materials and the operator's website.