Freight Rail Timetable

More Trains More Services introduces additional passenger services to the shared rail network requiring major timetable changes and altering the way trains currently operate across the network.

The requirements of freight, passenger and maintenance have been considered at every stage of planning.

A greater level of precision will be required from both passenger and freight operators to run to time.

The same number of planned paths that exist for freight today will be maintained when the new timetable is implemented later this year. 

Operating more passenger services in the off-peak will limit the ability to create ad-hoc freight paths for out of course running in the weekday inter-peak period, as currently occurs. 

Any unplanned or very short planning of freight movements may be constrained by network capacity. 

Changes to the way freight and passenger services currently operate will need to be made if the efficiency and performance of the rail network is to be maintained.

Key changes

  • Paths maintained: The same number of planned paths that exist for freight today will be maintained.
  • Greater on-time running: Operating more passenger services in the off-peak leads to shorter ‘windows’ between those passenger paths. This requires a greater level of planning and precision from both freight and passenger services.
  • Better use of infrastructure: The 2017 timetable makes better use of the available rail infrastructure to provide additional passenger services that satisfy rapidly increasing demand in the inter-peak and weekend periods, and continue to maintain freight operator access.
  • Journey planning is key: Just like today, train operators will need to provide accurate information and schedules that align with network requirements in a timely manner.

Collaboration is key to successful operation of the network. Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains have undertaken more regular contact with industry, including a Freight Rail Operator Forum, to collaborate on network planning and performance measures that benefit everyone. 

Freight Rail Operator Forum

On 29 June Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains hosted a Freight Rail Operator Forum to foster a dialogue between freight rail operators and their various touch-points across the Transport cluster. The topics covered current and future changes, and challenges on the rail network.

The Forum provided an opportunity for Freight Rail Operators and Track Managers to outline key concerns and issues impacting their respective use/operations. 

Freight Rail Operator feedback suggests that delivering an effective plan for the future management of the network will involve sharing growth plans, partnering on goal setting, performance measures, and collaborating on how to deliver responses to change that support future rail network developments.

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