NSW road network

The NSW road network is almost 185,000 kilometres in length and carries more than 60 per cent of the freight moved in the State.

Key road freight corridors include the Pacific (M1/A1) and Hume (M31) Highways, which carry most of the 81 million tonnes of interstate freight between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Newell (A39), Sturt (A20) and New England (A15) Highways are critical for moving agricultural commodities from western NSW.

Roads in NSW are managed by local government, Roads and Maritime Services and the Australian Government.

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A key challenge for meeting the growing freight task in NSW is improving access for use of High Productivity Vehicles (HPV). The main issue with accommodating HPVs on the road network is that they require more space when cornering and when negotiating intersections. They also require bigger rest and break down areas. As the road network has not been designed for vehicles of these dimensions, key roads need to be upgraded to accommodate them. 

NSW segment of the national land transport network