E-tag Claims

The information requested was the following information in relation to E-Toll accounts administered by Transport for NSW :

  1. For the 2009-10 financial year, the total number of complaints lodged from the customers about incorrect E-Toll bills.
    This is the number of occasions where motorists claimed they were wrongly billed tolls in their account for journeys not taken.
  2. For the 2009-10 financial year, the total number of adjustments of E-Toll accounts made following complaints of inaccurate bills.
  3. For the 2009-10 financial year, please supply a breakdown of the number of complaints of inaccurate E-Toll billing for each toll road.
  4. Please supply the same for the 2008-09 and 2007-08 financial years.

Transport for NSW's response was:

  • In relation to points 1 and 4 of your GIPA application, see GIPA e-tag claims document 1.
  • In relation to points 2 and 4 of your GIPA application, see GIPA e-tag claims document 2.
  • In relation to points 3 and 4 of your GIPA application, see GIPA e-tag claims documents 3 - 5.

The references to toll roads in GIPA e-tag claims document 1 are explained on Toll codes.

Explanatory note:

Toll roads in NSW are the M2, M5, and M7, the Eastern Distributor, the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and Bridge and Cross City Tunnel and, Lane Cove Tunnel.

Toll roads interstate include Queensland Motorway, Connect East, Melbourne City Link and the Clem7 (Brisbane).

The toll for the Sydney Harbour Crossings are charged to motorists travelling southbound only depending on time of day. All other tolls are set by the individual motorways.

Transport for NSW is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the tolling equipment on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Transport for NSW also administers on behalf of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel operators.

Private operators are responsible for the maintenance, operation, toll charges and equipment on all other toll roads.

Motorists who use electronic lanes at toll booths or cashless motorways without a tag receive a Toll Notice from the relevant motorway operator asking them to pay the toll and a small administration fee – Transport for NSW charges $5, private motorways in NSW charge $10.

For privacy reasons, Transport for NSW, on behalf of private motorway operators, acts as the administrator of toll notices for trips taken in NSW.

This means private motorways provide Transport for NSW with information about the vehicle which has been detected as failing to pay a toll. Transport for NSW then sends toll notices to registered owners on behalf of the motorways.

This process ensures only Transport for NSW is able to access motorist information through its DRIVES database.

Toll notices are sent to all motorists who fail to pay the correct toll when using a motorway. All tags in NSW can be used on toll roads throughout Australia.

Hundreds of millions of trips are made on toll roads in New South Wales and around the country each year. Around 60 million trips alone are made across the Harbour Crossings per year. Only a small percentage of these trips are disputed.

Primarily, disputes arise because motorists do not advise Transport for NSW E-Toll they have transferred a vehicle or misreading of photographic images taken at the time of passing through a toll point without paying the toll.

Of these, only 21 were reported for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel. The remainder were disputed trips on private motorways.

Transport for NSW will always credit Transport for NSW tag accounts where a genuine error or equipment inaccuracy has been detected.

If customers believe their vehicle has been incorrectly identified using a toll road they should contact their tag issuer.


GIPA e-tag claims document 1  (PDF, 232.5 KB)

GIPA e-tag claims document 2 (PDF, 128.66 KB) 

GIPA e-tag claims document 3-5 (PDF, 959.94 KB)