Bus drivers

All drivers of public passenger buses seating 13 or more must be authorised under the Passenger Transport Act 1990.

Automatic Mutual Recognition

From 1 December 2022 all states and territories will participate in the Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme except for Queensland.

AMR enables holders of occupational licences, including a bus driver authority, to work in a second state or territory without having to get a licence, or pay fees, in that second state or territory.

Information about AMR including, notification requirements, compliance advice and how to notify NSW, is available on the NSW Government website.

If you hold an interstate bus driver authority, but reside in NSW, you still need to apply for a NSW Bus Driver Authority under Mutual Recognition.

If a worker is eligible for AMR, they work under an Automatic Deemed Registration (ADR).

To work in a second state under an ADR, workers must hold a valid and current licence in their home jurisdiction. For most people, this is where they live and carry out most of their work.

Transport for NSW (Transport) will recognise all AMR-participating state and territory bus driver authorities. They will also recognise a NSW bus driver authority.

While working in NSW, workers must:

  • only undertake activities they are allowed to perform under their home state driver authority, and
  • comply with local regulations.

How interstate bus drivers notify Transport

  1. From the AMR page on nsw.gov.au, bus drivers will access a list of all the occupations included in the AMR scheme From 1 December 2022.
  2. Bus drivers can find their occupation on the list and notify Transport using the link to the notification platform.
  3. The bus driver will begin a notification by creating a MyServiceNSW account.
  4. Bus drivers need to provide basic information such as name, address, home state and occupational number and expiry date. They also need to confirm they are not subject to criminal, civil or disciplinary proceedings in any state in relation to the occupation that they are notifying for.
  5. Transport will verify the information the bus driver has provided with their home state.

Regulating bus drivers working under ADR

Bus drivers working under ADR in NSW will need to:

  • be able to hand over a driver authority card for inspection at the request of an authorised officer (e.g., a NSW Police officer), and
  • display a driver authority card, in a holder affixed to the interior of NSW buses, so that it can be easily seen by any passenger in the bus.

Bus drivers working under ADR in NSW will be able to use their home state driver authority card (or equivalent) for this purpose.