Dimension requirements

A dimension requirement offence is where a Clearance, Low Clearance, Load Limit or No Trucks sign on a NSW road, tunnel or bridge has been disobeyed.

If a heavy vehicle is detected committing a dimension requirement offence in NSW, Transport for NSW may suspend vehicle registration for up to three months under the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017.

Which parts of the NSW road network does this apply to?

It applies to all NSW roads, tunnels or bridges where a dimension sign applies.

Dimension requirement restrictions are in place to protect important road assets in NSW. For example, over-dimension heavy vehicles that attempt to use major Sydney motorways (Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, M5 East, Lane Cove Tunnel and Cross City Tunnel) can cause significant structural damage to tunnels and cause damage to tunnel support infrastructure such as lighting, communications and fire systems.

Damaged and destroyed infrastructure can have a huge impact on the safety of other drivers and the public. When heavy vehicles get stuck in a tunnel or on a bridge, it causes delays for other motorists, and can significantly affect traffic flow.

Who does this apply to?

The penalties apply to drivers and registered operators of NSW registered heavy vehicles that disobey dimension requirement signs.

Transport for NSW may also suspend the visiting privileges of interstate heavy vehicles or Federal Interstate Registration Scheme (FIRS) vehicles that have committed an offence for up to three months.

Traffic signs this applies to:

What are the penalties for disobeying a dimension requirement sign?

Transport for NSW may suspend your heavy vehicle registration for up to three months if you have committed an offence. A fine also applies.