General access heavy vehicles

Under the national mass and loading arrangements, general access heavy vehicles have unrestricted access to the road network, except where sign posted otherwise. 

No specific access restrictions apply and no additional permits are required if vehicles have current registration appropriate to the vehicle configuration.

Prescribed mass and dimension limits

Vehicles which fall within these limits do not exceed prescribed mass and dimension limits, and are therefore general access heavy vehicles.


  • Truck: 12.5 metres
  • Bus: 12.5 metres
  • Truck and trailer: 19.0 metres
  • Articulated vehicle: 19.0 metres.

Note: The load space on livestock semi-trailers must not exceed 12.5 metres long.


  • All vehicles: 4.3 metres.

Note: A short combination vehicle no more than 4.3 metres high has general access but extra height up to 4.6 metres is limited to the approved 4.6 metre high routes. For more information, see 4.6m high vehicles


  • All vehicles: 2.5 metres.