Newell Highway now open for access for Performance Based Standards Level 2B vehicles

The full length of the Newell Highway is now open to Performance Based Standards Level 2B vehicles up to 30 metres long.

The final missing link between Parkes and Forbes has been removed with access approved over two railway level crossings south of Parkes, giving end to end access for the full 1060 km to vehicles travelling at GML, CML and HML.

These larger vehicles perform the same or better than a B Double while offering significantly improved productivity. The vehicles undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are stable at high speeds and have the same ability to accelerate and brake safely as current heavy vehicles. The additional length of the vehicle means it can carry more freight without any additional mass on individual axles. This will result in less heavy vehicles on the road by delivering the same amount of freight in less trips.

The access on the Newell Highway will form an important part of the PBS 2B network that is an outcome from the NSW Heavy Vehicle Access Policy Framework. It is also a step towards realising the improved safety and productivity benefits that underpin the vision for Performance Based Standards Level 3A access for the full length of the Newell.

Road freight is predicted to increase by almost 90 per cent by 2056. In order to meet this growing freight task, the NSW Government is focused on working with industry and local government to maximise safe, productive and connected access for higher productivity vehicles.

Heavy vehicle operators are required to apply for an access permit through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to use PBS Level 2B vehicles on the Newell Highway, while TfNSW moves towards providing access to these networks under Notice.

If you have any questions regarding recent improvements to access on the Newell Highway please contact: