Railway Level Crossings

Railway Level Crossings (RLC) involve both public and private railways and public and private roads that cross at the same grade.

There are approximately 3800 railway level crossings of which 1500 public rail / public road railway level crossings are spread throughout NSW on State, Regional and Local Roads.

RLC present a risk to the safety of road users in NSW. Whilst the number of crashes is relatively low, the potential for fatalities and serious injuries as a consequence of a crash, combined with an extended delay to the operation of the road and rail networks, is high.

Individual rail and road authorities are responsible for the management of the various components of infrastructure associated with an RLC.

Regulatory oversight is provided by the Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator (ITSRR) for rail operations and infrastructure and by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), Councils and Police for roads.

The Level Crossing Strategy Council (LCSC) is an inter-agency forum created by NSW Government to provide coordination between rail and road authorities in the management of safety at level crossings in NSW.

The Local Government Association and Shires Association (LGASA) and TfNSW are members of the LCSC and are responsible for the management for the road component.

The information focuses on:

  • the arrangements for interface agreements
  • improvement
  • maintenance
  • behavioural campaigns
  • TfNSW financial assistance to Local Government.

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