Light rail

Sydney Light Rail

Sydney currently has two completed light rail networks that operate on either former heavy rail corridors or on the road network.

The first is the light rail service from Central Station to Dulwich Hill which predominantly travels on the former heavy rail goods line, and the second from Circular Quay to Randwick and Kingsford located predominantly on the road network.

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1

Currently under construction is the Stage 1 Parramatta Light Rail from Westmead to Carlingford located both on the road network and also the former heavy rail Carlingford line from Camellia to Carlingford. This service is expected to be operational in 2023.

Note that the Parramatta Light Rail (stage 1) has also been declared a Transitway under the provisions of the Roads Act. Transport also has specific requirements for development along the PLR in the context of managing interfaces between development and the operation of the road network.

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2

The preferred route for Stage 2 of the PLR was announced by Government in 2017. It will connect the Parramatta CBD with Ermington, Melrose Park, Wentworth Point and Sydney Olympic Park. A copy of the stage 1 and preferred route for stage 2 is shown in map below.

In addition, NSW has committed $50million towards planning and development works of the 2nd stage. Transport is currently progressing more detailed investigations and development of the Environmental Impact Statement.

Some parts of the stage 2 alignment are formally protected in the Auburn LEP (Carter Street precinct). Enquiries related to development in this precinct and elsewhere along the alignment should reach out to Transport (including the PLR 2 design team). Please contact

Newcastle Light Rail

The Newcastle light rail service operates from the new Newcastle Interchange to Newcastle Beach travelling partly of the former heavy rail Newcastle line and on the road network.

For any town planning or development advice regarding your proposal the Corridor Identification and Protection team are your first port of call and can be contacted by emailing

Should you require access to the light rail corridors or you have an approval from a consent authority and require compliance with conditions of consent you can contact the Corridor Identification and Protection team by emailing