Registered contractors

Five categories from this scheme were moved to the Technical Services Registration Scheme on 1 October 2019 and are no longer included in this listing. They are:

  • BD1 Standard Bridge Design
  • BD2 Complex Bridge Design
  • BD3 Bridge Rehabilitation Design
  • RD1 Standard Road Design
  • RD2 Complex Road Design

Registered contractors

Contractors listed below are members of the Registration Scheme for Construction Industry Contractors. Five categories from this scheme were moved to the Technical Services Registration Scheme on 1 October 2019 and are no longer included in this listing. They are:

  • BD1 Standard Bridge Design
  • BD2 Complex Bridge Design
  • BD3 Bridge Rehabilitation Design
  • RD1 Standard Road Design
  • RD2 Complex Road Design

Last updated: 10 October 2022

  • D: Drainage
  • E: Earthworks
  • F: Formwork
  • G: Provision of Traffic Control
  • L1: Construction laboratories <$10M
  • L2: Construction laboratories >$10M & &lt$200M
  • L3: Construction laboratories >$200M
  • S1: Erosion, Sedimentation and Soil Conservation Consultancy Services (R1 to R4)
  • S2: Erosion, Sedimentation and Soil Conservation Consultancy Services (unrestricted)
  • CC2: Steel Items to Construction Category 2
  • U: Urban Design Services
  • X: Demolition of Buildings
  • Z1: Stabilisation (insitu method)
  • Z2: Stabilisation (stationary Plant)


Registered contractors


13000 Roads Pty Ltd (t/a Trafficking)   G      
2EC Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
AAA Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Abergeldie Contractors Pty Ltd   G      
ABFI Steel Group Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Accurate Asphalt & Road Repairs Pty Ltd t/a Accurate Stabilising         Z1
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd       U  
ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd    L2     
Agile Arbor Pty Ltd   G      
Ahoy Traffic Control and Labour Hire Services Pty Ltd (Aboriginal-owned)   G      
Aitken Rowe Testing Laboratories Pty Ltd    L2     
Alfabs Engineering Group Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
All Districts Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
All Safe Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Alliance Geotechnical Pty Ltd    L3     
Allroad Group Pty Ltd   G      
Allyom Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Antoun's Construction Pty Ltd (t/a AMJ Demolition and ExcavationDE      X 
Allied Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Altus Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Argus Construction Services (NSW) Pty Ltd (t/a Argus Traffic)   G      
Archipelago Architects Pty Ltd       U  
Architectus Group Pty Ltd       U  
Arup Pty Ltd       U  
Ashflex Holdings Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
ASPECT Studios Pty Ltd       U  
Asset Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Atlas Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Attcall Civil Contractors Pty Ltd        X 
Australian Building Industry Civil Contractors Pty Ltd (t/a ABI Civil Contractors)DE        
Australian Traffic Solutions Pty   G      
Australian Soil and Concrete Testing Pty Ltd    L3     
Australian Utilities Management Pty Ltd   G      
Auswide Operations Pty Ltd (t/a Mann Group NSW         X 
AWI Steel Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Axis Civil and Hydraulics Pty LtdD         
AY Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      


Banarang Aboriginal Corporation (Aboriginal-owned)   G      
Balranald Shire Council   G      
Basta Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Bedrule Pty Ltd (t/a TOBCO)   G      
Benson and Hans Construction Pty Ltd t/a Epsicon Traffic Management   G      
BGC Contracting Pty Ltd   G      
BJC Traffic Control Services Pty   G      
Bogan Shire Council   G      
Bellingen Shire Council                          G      
Bend-Worx Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Border Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Bourke Shire Council   G      
Brewarrina Shire Council   G      
Bulls Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
By Group Pty Ltd        X 


Cabonne Shire Council   G      
Cadifern Pty Ltd   G      
Capital Lines and Signs Pty Ltd   G      
Care Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Carrathool Shire Council   G      
CATO Logistics Pty Ltd t/a CATO Location Services   G      
CBD Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
CBK Constructions Pty Ltd (Aboriginal-owned)DE        
CDE Design Solutions Pty. Limited          
Central Coast Council   G      
Central Darling Shire Council   G      
Central West Linemarking Pty Ltd   G      
Cessnock City Council   G      
Chess Engineering Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Citywide Utilities Pty Ltd   G      
Civforce Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Civil & Tunnel Pty LtdDE        
Civmec Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Civx Pty Ltd   G      
CNL Plumbing Pty Ltd (t/a CNL Civil)D         
Clouston Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd       U  
Cobar Shire Council   G      
Coffey Testing Pty Ltd    L3     
Combined Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Complete Onsite Group Pty Ltd   G      
Complete Linemarking Services Pty Limited   G      
Complete Staff Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Complete Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Complete Urban Pty Ltd   G      
Context Landscape Design Pty Ltd       U  
Conybeare Morrison International Pty Ltd       U  
Construction Sciences Pty Ltd    L3     
Coonamble Shire Council   G      
Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council   G      
Corkery Consulting Pty Ltd in association with Studio Colin Polworth       U  
Cowra Shire Council   G      
COX Architecture Pty Ltd (t/a COX Richardson Architects and Planners)       U  
Cramps Earthmoving Pty Ltd E        
Crisp Bros. & Haywards Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
CUB Demolition Pty Ltd E      X 


D & D Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Damcon Pty Ltd  F       
Dandolo Group Pty Ltd (t/a Safeway Traffic Management Solutions)   G      
Decotec Pty Ltd        X 
Dedden Land & Water Pty Ltd     S2    
Dela Civil Pty LtdD         
Delta Pty Ltd        X 
DEM (Aust) Pty Ltd       U  
Demolition Environmental Civil Contractors Pty Ltd        X 
DesignInc Sydney Pty Ltd       U  
Direct Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd (t/a MBC Traffic Management)   G      
DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd (t/a Watchout Traffic Control)   G      
Donnelly Services Pty Ltd   G      
Douglas CMG    L3     
Douglas Partners Pty Ltd    L3     
Doyle Civil Pty LtdD         
Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd         Z1
Drumderg Services Pty Ltd ATF Drumderg Services Unit Trust        X 
Dubbo Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Due Easy Pty Ltd (t/as Hardrock Excavations)D         
Durkin Construction Pty Ltd   G      


Eagle Eye Traffic Services Aust Pty Ltd   G      
East Coast Traffic Controllers Pty Ltd   G      
Elder Enviro Pty Ltd     S2    
Electrocut Pty Ltd t/a MR Traffic Control   G      
EL Civil Engineering Pty LtdD         
Empire Safe Services Pty Ltd   G      
ETM Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Eurobodalla Shire Council   G      
Euro Civil Pty Ltd   G      


Federation Council   G      
Fenworx Pty Ltd   G      
Fern Form Constructions Pty Ltd  F       
Ferrycarrig Construction Pty Ltd   G      
Forbes Shire Council   G      
Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd   G      


G & B Services (NSW) Pty Ltd   G      
Gallagher Studio Pty Ltd       U  
Galway Construct Pty Ltd  F       
Garde Services Pty Ltd   G      
GC Civil Contracting Pty Ltd   G      
Gerald Holdings Pty Ltd (t/a Chandos Traffic)   G      
GHD Pty Ltd       U  
Gilgandra Shire Council   G      
GM Poles NSW Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Go Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Golding Lane Pty Ltd t/a Gold Lane Traffic Management   G      
Goulburn Mulwaree Council   G      
GPK Industries Pty Ltd (t/a GPK Traffic Management Solutions)   G      
Greater Hume Council   G      
Griffith City Council   G      
Ground Technologies Pty Ltd    L3     
Group GSA Pty Ltd       U  
GTE1 Pty Ltd   G      
Guardian Traffic Services Pty Ltd ATF Guardian Traffic Services Unit Trust   G      
Guardrite Security & Traffic Management (QLD) Pty Ltd   G      
Gumbay Holdings Pty Ltd (t/a Avante Linemarking)                   G      
Gunnedah Shire Council   G      
Gwydir Shire Council   G      


Hassell Ltd       U  
Hayman Industries Pty Ltd      CC2   
Hiway Stabilizers Australia Pty Ltd         Z1 & Z2
Hill Thalis Architecture & Urban Projects Pty Ltd       U  
Hilltops Council   G      


iCombined 360 Services Group Pty Ltd   G      
iGroup Services Pty Ltd   G      
Industrial Galvanizers Corporation Pty Ltd (t/a Ingal EPS)      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Interflow Pty LimitedD         
Inverell Shire Council   G      
Ironbark Demolition Pty Ltd        X 


J.C Marler & D.R Phillips (t/a Phillips Marler)       U  
J & M Road Marking Specialists Pty Ltd   G      
Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis Pty Ltd (t/a Jackson Teece)       U  
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd     S2    
James Mather Delaney Design Pty Ltd       U  
Jameson Development Group Pty Ltd t/a JDG Civil   G      
Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd       U  
JBT Holdings (NSW) Pty Ltd   G      
J C Butko Engineering Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Jenalad Pty Ltd t/a Whiteline Road Services (Hunter)   G      
JHA Recruitment & Staff @ Work Pty Ltd   G      
Johnson Pilton Walker Pty Ltd       U  
Junee Shire Council   G      


K & H Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd   GL2      
K & N Traffic Services Pty Ltd   G      
KI Studio Pty Ltd       U  
Killard Infrastructure Pty Ltd   G      
Kontro Group Pty Ltd (t/a Urban Traffic Solutions)   G      
Kontro Services Pty Ltd   G      
KPI Services (NSW) Pty Ltd   G      
Kyogle Council   G      


Lack Group Constructions Traffic Pty Ltd (Aboriginal-owned)   G      
Lack Group Personnel Pty Ltd (Aboriginal-owned)   G      
Lack Group Traffic Pty Ltd (Aboriginal-owned)   G      
Lake Macquarie City Council   G      
Leeton Shire Council   G      
LGB & Co Pty Ltd (t/a Gateshead Traffic Solutions)   G      
Liberty Industrial Pty Ltd        X 
Linbeck Contractors Pty Ltd   G      
Link Traffic Management & Training Pty Ltd   G      
Lismore City Council   G      
Liverpool Plains Shire Council   G      
Local Land Services     S1    
Local Traffic Services Pty Ltd   G      


M1 Traffic Control Pty Ltd (t/a M1 Traffic and Labour Services)   G      
M & I Samaras (No. 1) Pty Ltd, M & I Samaras (No. 2) Pty Ltd, M & I Samaras (No. 3) Pty Ltd (t/a Samaras Structural Engineers)      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
M & S Fabrications Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Macquarie Geotechnical Pty Ltd   G      
Masters Traffic Management NSW Pty Ltd   G      
MBG Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd       U  
McGregor Coxall       U  
McIntosh Fencing Pty Ltd   G      
McMahon Services Australia Pty Ltd        X 
MDW Group Pty Ltd   G      
Metro Excavations and Plant Hire Pty Ltd (t/a Metro Traffic Management)   G      
Metropolitan Demolitions Pty Ltd        X 
Metwest Engineering Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Mid West Traffic Management (Orange) Pty Ltd   G      
Mid-Western Regional Council   G      
Mildura Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Mode Design Corp. Pty Ltd       U  
Moir Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd       U  
Moree Plains Shire Council   G      
Motorway Civil Pty LtdD         
Mouchel International (Jersey) Ltd          
Mud's Inspection & Welding Services Pty Ltd (t/a Macfab Engineering)      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Murray River Council   G      
Murrumbidgee Council   G      
Muswellbrook Shire Council   G      


NA Group Pty Ltd   G      
Narrandera Shire Council   G      
N & A Bolton Pty Ltd (ATF Bolton Family Trust, T/A Coast Traffic Solutions)   G      
N. Moit & Sons (NSW) Pty Ltd        X 
Narrabri Shire Council   G      
Network Geotechnics Pty Ltd    L3     
Newada Pty Ltd (t/a Men at Work Traffic Services)   G      
Newcastle Asbestos Consulting Pty Ltd (t/a NAC Services)        X 
Newcastle City Council   G      
Northwest Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
NSW Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
NWEC Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   


Oberon Council   G      
Ochre Environmental Management Pty Ltd     S2    
Oculus Landscape Architecture Urban Design Environmental Planning Pty Ltd       U  
Optimus Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      


Parkes Shire Council   G      
Paterson Design Studio Pty Ltd       U  
Peddle Thorp & Walker Pty Ltd (t/a PTW Architects and Site Image)       U  
Peter Andrews & Associates Pty Ltd       U  
Pink Safe Pty Ltd   G      
Plateau Tree Service Pty Ltd   G      
Platinum Traffic Services Pty Ltd   G      
Precision Pipe Networks Pty LtdDE        
Precision Metal Group Aust Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Professional Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Protection Barriers Pty Ltd ta PB Traffic   G      
PWG Infrastructure Pty LtdD         


QC Asphalts Pty Ltd   G      
Qualtest Laboratory (NSW) Pty Ltd    L2     
Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council ('QPRC')   G      
Quickway Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Quintana Construction Group Pty Ltd t/a Quintana Traffic   G      


R.B.K Pty Ltd   G      
RD Cleaning Professionals Pty Ltd t/a R D Traffic Management Services   G      
Real Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
REALMStudios Pty Ltd       U  
Red Squirrel Pty Ltd   G      
ReCivil Pty Ltd   G      
Retro Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Rhino Traffic Contol Services Pty Ltd   G      
Richmond Valley Council                         G      
Riverina Traffic Services Pty Ltd   G      
RMA Contracting Pty Ltd        X 
Road and Rail Excavations Pty Ltd   G      
Road Management Sydney Pty Ltd   G      
Roadwork Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Roadworx Surfacing Pty Ltd   G      
Robert Carr & Associates Pty Ltd    L2     
Roosters Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
RPS Australia East Pty Ltd       U  
Rubicon Enviro Pty Ltd     S2    


Sabac Building Services Pty Ltd (t/a SBS Traffic)   G      
Safe Road Services Pty Ltd   G      
Scanor Pty Ltd   G      
Scape Design Pty Ltd and Lahznimmo Architects Pty Ltd       U  
Secure Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Scott Carver Pty Ltd       U  
Singleton Council   G      
Siobhan's Traffic Control Services Pty Ltd   G      
Site Group Pty Ltd   G      
Site Security and Traffic Control Pty   G      
Snowy Valleys Council   G      
South QLD Soils ATF F & B Unit Trust    L1     
Southern Cross Pacific Pty Ltd   G      
Southern Cross Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Spackman Mossop Michaels Pty Ltd       U  
Spiky Rhino Pty Ltd t/a Marks Environmental Services   G      
Square Civil Pty Ltd (t/a Chalouhi)        X 
SRT Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Stabilcorp Pty Ltd         Z1
Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd   G     Z1
Stadelmann Traffic Pty Ltd (ATF Stadelmann Traffic Trust)   G      
Statewide Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Stop Slow Traffic Control (NSW) Pty Ltd   G      
Strategic Environmental and Engineering Consulting (SEEC) Pty Ltd     S1    
Statewide RPM's Pty Ltd t/a Maintrax   G      
Sturt Noble Associates Pty Ltd       U  
Subterra Pty Ltd (t/a Subterra Civil)D         
Superb Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Sydney Civil Pty Ltd   G      
Sydney Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
S & L Steel Fab Pty Limited      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   


T&S Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Tamworth Regional Council   G      
T.R.E.E.S. Pty Ltd     S1    
Taringa Steel Pty Ltd      CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty Ltd       U  
TDP2 Pty Ltd ATF The Design Unit Trust (t/a The Design Partnership)       U  
Temora Shire Council   G      
Terras Landscape Architects, Envisage Consulting and EJE Architecture       U  
The Civil Experts Pty Ltd (t/a T.C.E Contracting        X 
The Control Group Pty Ltd   G      
The Mining Pty Ltd         Z1
The Traffic Controllers Pty Ltd   G      
The Traffic Marshal Pty Ltd   G      
The Trustee for AG Acumen Trust No. 2 T/A Braidwood Ground Spraying   G      
The Trustee for The Saxonchase Road Services Trust   G      
Titan Traffic Pty Ltd   G      
Titanium Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
TMPACS Pty Ltd (t/a Traffic Professionals)   G      
Tract Consultants Pty Ltd       U  
Traffic Australia Group Pty Ltd   G      
TrafficPOWER Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Connections Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Control Innovations Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Control Services Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Diversions Group Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Facilities Maintenance Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Group Australia Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Lights NSW Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Logistics Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Management Services (Aust) Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic NSW Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic QLD Pty Ltd t/a Traffic QLD & NSW   G      
Traffic Specialists Pty Ltd   G      
Traffic Worx Pty Ltd   G      
Transport for NSW (Regional Maintenance)   G      
TSS Engineering Pty Ltd       CC2 (PDF, 129.82 KB)   
Twelvethirtyfour Pty Ltd t/a Coast Traffic Solutions   G      


Ultimate Horticultural Solutions Pty Ltd   G      
Underground Civil Solutions Group Pty Ltd   G      
Upper Hunter Shire Council   G      


Valley Civilab Pty Ltd    L2     
Vari Traffic Pty Ltd   G      


Walgett Shire Council   G      
Walcha Council   G      
Ward Civil & Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd        X 
Warren Shire Council   G      
Warrumbungle Shire Council   G      
Weddin Shire Council   G      
Wentworth Shire Council   G      
West Sydney Traffic Control Pty Ltd   G      
Western Safety Barriers Group Pty Ltd   G      
White Group Traffic Management Pty Ltd   G      
Wolfcon Pty Ltd   G      
Wollongong Linemarking Services Pty Ltd   G      
WorkControl Pty Ltd   G      
Workforce Road Services Pty Ltd   G      
Worktrainers Ltd (t/a Game Traffic & Contracting)   G      
Wright Way Civil Group Pty LTdDE        


Yass Valley Council   G