Environment Protection Licences

Transport for NSW is required to hold Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) for activities listed to control the impacts of pollution.

Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) are issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority to control the impacts of pollution in NSW.

The holder of each EPL must:

  • comply with all conditions of the EPL
  • develop, annually update and publicly display a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)
  • publicly display any pollution monitoring data, where this is required by the EP.

The current versions of all Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) held by Transport are available on the Protection of the Environment Operations Act Public Register administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

To find these EPLs, visit the Public Register and search in the ‘Licence holder’ field for:

  • Transport for NSW – for EPLs held by Transport for NSW.
  • NSW Trains – for the EPL held by NSW TrainLink.
  • Sydney Trains – the EPLs held by Sydney Trains.

Contacts and further information

For further information about Environment Protection Licences contact:

  • Scott Machar – Senior Manager Assurance and Performance Improvement, Environment and Sustainability Branch.

Note: Monitoring data for some licenses may be displayed on project specific websites.


Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP)

Monitoring data - M8 St Peters interchange