Road Location and Design

Learn about the oral history project of the Road Location and Design project.

This oral history project traces the significant developments in the way new roads are located in the landscape, using ground survey and the application of road design principles.

It provides insights into the culture of surveying, the variety of surveying equipment used, data collection by remote sensing, air photo interpretation, the use of computers for design and location optimisation and model making.

It also covers the evolution of road design philosophy and includes a discussion of the effect of environmental and social influences, urban design principles, safety issues and road design standards.

The project was based on 24 interviews with road designers, engineers, surveyors, information technology specialists and others.

The sound files in the table below feature some of the key themes uncovered during the course of the project.

Road Location and Design - whole sound file (MP3)

Road Location and Design - all sound files as one file (MP3, 71.05 MB)

Road Location and Design individual sound files (MP3)

Individual sound files parts 1 - 11