Vehicle Regulation, Driver Testing and Licensing

Over the years, there have been many and far reaching changes in the areas of vehicle regulation, driver testing and licensing and to the various organisations charged with the administration of these matters. These changes have been in response to a huge increase in the number of vehicles travelling on NSW roads, from 6,945 in 1911 to over 3.7 million in 1999. The objective of this oral history project was to capture some of the personal stories about how drivers and vehicles have been administered in NSW over the years, told by the people who were involved.

The primary output of this project was some 35 hours of taped interviews with people who have had long standing experience in the areas of vehicle regulation, driver testing or licensing. Some who were initially employed in the 1950s had worked with the organisation as it changed from the Department of Road Transport and Tramways to the Department of Motor Transport in 1952, to the Roads and Traffic Authority in 1989 and then Roads and Maritime Services in November 2011.

The opinions expressed in the oral history interview tapes are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

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