Vessels carrying Dangerous Goods into NSW Minor Ports

Vessels carrying Dangerous Goods into NSW minor ports are now required to apply for entry to NSW Maritime at least 24 hours before the proposed port entry.

The vessel’s master, agent or representative is required to formally apply for approval to enter a NSW port while conveying Dangerous Goods, under the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2021. This process requires an application form and a detailed Dangerous Goods manifest.

Entry into port without approval is not permitted.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods include items that:

  • satisfy the United Nations tests and criteria for determining whether they are Dangerous Goods
  • are listed in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
  • are listed in section 1.4.20 of AS3846 as Dangerous Cargoes
  • are determined to be Dangerous Goods by the relevant Competent Authority, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


Approval is required for vessels wishing to enter the following NSW ports:

  • Port of Disaster Bay
  • Port of Merimbula Bay
  • Port of Montague Island
  • Port of Batemans Bay
  • Port of Jervis Bay
  • Port of Kiama
  • Port of Bass Point
  • Port of Broken Bay
  • Port of Port Stephens
  • Port of Broughton Island
  • Port of Port Macquarie
  • Port of Trial Bay
  • Port of Coffs Harbour
  • Port of Lord Howe Island.

Maps of Minor Port areas can be accessed on the Minor Ports page.

To formally apply for approval to enter any of the above NSW ports while carrying dangerous goods, please contact the Marine Pollution and Emergency Response Duty Officer via phone on 9962 9074 or email at

The process has not changed for vessels wishing to enter the NSW ports of:

  • Sydney Harbour
  • Newcastle
  • Port Kembla
  • Port Botany
  • Eden
  • Yamba.

For approval and advice to enter any of the above ports, please contact the Port Authority of NSW.


Fact sheet for further information (PDF, 229.97 KB)

Application form to enter Minor Ports (PDF, 267.35 KB)

Example of an acceptable Dangerous Goods Manifest (XLSX, 20.74 KB)