Strategic Cycleway Corridors for the Eastern Harbour City

Over 1.1 billion trips a year in NSW are made on foot or by bike, including around 600 million associated with a public transport journey. More people than ever before are walking and bike riding as a result of the pandemic.

The NSW Government is investing in active transport for everyone, whether children riding to school, parents pushing prams, or people with disabilities moving about their communities freely. NSW now has its first Minister for Active Transport, the Get NSW Active grants program for local councils has doubled to $110 million and each day Transport for NSW works to expand and improve NSW’s cycleway network.

The NSW Government’s vision is to provide a safe and connected cycleway network across Greater Sydney, to enable more people to ride their bikes as part of everyday travel. The Strategic Cycleway Corridors for the Eastern Harbour City provide the foundation for safe and convenient cycleways that better connect centres, precincts and places, while supporting councils’ local bike networks. Similar exercises will follow for the Central River City and Western Parkland City in Greater Sydney, as well as for Newcastle, Gosford and Wollongong.