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Driver Authority Information System

The Driver Authority Information System (DAIS) is provided by Transport for NSW as part of its drive to improve service to the public transport industry.

Fee schedule

Connection fee - The one off cost of connecting you to the system.

Transaction fees - Transactions are debited against an individual account which you establish as part of connection to the system. To minimise processing costs a minimum prepayment is required, but you may wish to pay more than this to reduce you own administration.

Support - A help desk service is provided over the phone during normal office hours. Resolution of any problem arising as a result of a systems fault is provided free of charge, a fee applies to other services.

Refunds - If you close your account, any outstanding balance will be refunded.

Account balance notification

If your account balance is zero or negative you will not be able to enter the system. To help avoid this inconvenience you must set a minimum account balance figure in your account details. When your balance first reduces to this level, an account balance notification message will be displayed on the screen. To ensure uninterrupted access to the system you should submit a top up payment.

Negative account balance

The system will display a notification if your account balance falls to zero or below. Until payment is received you will not be able to achieve further access to the system.


Enter your operator code, password and submit for authorisation to continue. You will then see the disclaimer screen.

On the login screen you can also change your password.

A limit applies to the number of times you can attempt to login with an incorrect password. If this limit is exceeded access to the system will be disabled. Contact the Help Desk for reconnection.

Password change

Your password protects your account and access to the driver information in the system. It is normally recommended that passwords be changed every month.

Note: If you forget your password a new one can be issued by the Help Desk.


The disclaimer statement must be accepted to gain further access to the system, display the menu screen and process an inquiry.


From the menu you can access the driver authority report form, your account statement and review your account details. There are two options for the driver authority report - a single entry inquiry or a multiple entry inquiry.

Driver authority report request

The report displays the current authority status for the driver codes entered. Each driver report creates a charge to your account.

There are two ways of obtaining reports on driver authority status:

  1. Screen display
    For single entry inquiry, enter the individual driver numbers in the box provided with spaces between the codes and press SEARCH. When you do this the result will be displayed on the screen. The screen display will probably show two results at a time.
  2. By email
    For multiple entry inquire, enter the driver numbers in the box provided with spaces between the codes and press SEARCH. When you do this the result will be email to you. It is recommended that the email method is used for large queries. Email format specification (pdf 22KB)

Account statement

Enter the dates in the spaces provided and click SUBMIT. The default statement shows all transactions for the last six months. Clicking on EMAIL STATEMENT will send a copy of the report to your current email address. A charge of $2 will incur per account statement report.

Account details review

This screen enables you to review and change your current account details. To change your details enter the new information and click the 'CHANGE DETAILS' button.

If you make a change you will automatically be sent an email to confirm the changes have been made.

Last updated: 24 October 2016