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Guidelines for issuing proof of age

Target group

Young people under 16 years of age are not required to carry a concession card to obtain a child fare but in cases where they look older, they may require a Proof of Age card to verify that they are within the 'child fare' age bracket. For young people in these circumstances, the Proof of Age Card confirms their entitlement to a half fare concession on public transport services until their 16th birthday.

Services/travel covered

The Proof of Age card is recognised for concession/child fare on the following services:

  • Sydney Trains services (with a concession Station Access Fee payable for entry/exit at AirportLink stations in addition to the Sydney Trains distance fare)
  • Regular route local bus services (government and private) across NSW
  • Sydney Ferries services and Newcastle Ferries services
  • Private ferry services (note: some limitations may apply to the upper age covered by concessions and travel times)
  • NSW TrainLink services

There are a range of other services which are not regulated for concession fares and where the operator determines concessions arrangements. These include light rail, long distance interstate coach services and fast ferry services between Manly and Circular Quay.

Card issuers

  • Proof of Age cards are generally issued by the school the young person attends.
  • To be authorised to issue the cards, the school must register with the Transport Concessions Office. Each school must specify the person (or persons) in their employ who will be given responsibility for issuing  Transport concession cards. Only these persons will be authorised to issue concession cards.
  • Schools are not permitted to delegate the issuing of concession cards to other organisations, such as companies contracted to print student identification cards.
  • Applications for a Proof of Age card can be made directly to the Transport Concessions Office during school holidays, and at any time by students under 16 years who are home schooled. Students will need to provide proof of their identity, age, school and where appropriate, details of their international exchange program.

Transport Concessions Office

You can contact the Transport Concessions Office:


Locked Bag 5085,


131 500


(02) 9891 8941


Supplies of forms and concession cards

The Transport Concessions Office provides schools with supplies of the Proof of Age cards at the same time it provides other concession supplies.

  • Schools must register with Transport for NSW before placing their order for the following year's concession cards and supplies in November each year. Supplementary orders can be made when needed.
  • No application form is required for Proof of Age cards and the cards do not require a concession foil to be attached.

The supplies that schools will be provided with are:

  • Concession cards:
    • The Proof of Age card
    • The NSW Senior Secondary Student Concession card
  • Transport concession security foils
    • For placement on the above concession cards (NOT required for the Proof of Age card)
  • An annual reconciliation form for the recording of all cards issued to students, including replacement cards issued by Transport.

Eligibility assessment

  • Applicants must be under 16 years of age (ie eligible for a "child" fare)

Procedures for issuing the card

  • The issuer must verify the applicant's identity, their enrolment at the school and their age. They must print on the card the applicant's full name, home address, current age and the date that the applicant turns 16, and sign as the authorised issuance officer. The student must also sign the card.

Period of validity

  • The card is valid until the applicant's 16th birthday. Young people continuing their secondary studies after that date, will need to obtain a NSW Senior Secondary Student Concession card.

Replacement cards

  • Replacement Proof of Age cards are issued by schools or the Transport Concessions Office.


No fees apply for a replacement Proof of Age card.

Records to be kept

Schools are required to keep a record of the Proof of Age cards issued to students. These records form part of the school's auditable concessions records.

This information needs to be included in the school's Annual Reconciliation Statement submitted to the Transport Concessions Office in December each year. It must show:

  • The name of all students issued with a Proof of Age card and their card serial number
  • The name of all students issued with a replacement Proof of Age card and their card serial number, along with the date of issue and reason for the replacement; and
  • The name of any of the school's students that the Transport Concessions Office has advised that it has issued cards/replacement cards to during holiday periods.

Last updated: 7 April 2017