Wynscreen FAQs

Wynscreen information

Why is the screen called Wynscreen?

The name was invented by the project team as a play on the word 'windscreen', combining the location (Wynyard) with the wide curved screen format.

What is the width and height of Wynscreen?

Wynscreen is a curved LED screen, 23 metres wide and 3 metres high.

What are the operational hours for Wynscreen?

Between 6am and midnight, Monday to Sunday.

How is the art selected?

An advisory group, including representatives from Transport for NSW, art experts, and relevant stakeholders worked with Wynscreen’s creative producers, Cultural Capital, to commission works by a wide range of established and emerging Australian-based artists, including Indigenous artists. Concept proposals were selected on the basis of artistic innovation and potential for high audience engagement.

I am an artist - how do I apply to have my original concept considered for Wynscreen?

Numerous works have been commissioned for Wynscreen’s inaugural exhibition program. If another series of works is commissioned in the future, we expect an Expression of Interest process will occur. If you wish to receive such notification, please register your email address via PublicArt@transport.nsw.gov.au

Who curated the artwork and how were they chosen?

Transport for NSW engaged Cultural Capital to curate the program of artworks via an initial Expression of Interest process. The concepts for the proposed artworks were selected on the basis of artistic merit and innovation, potential for audience engagement, and alignment to the curatorial themes of Time, Travel and Place. The decision to proceed with the development and presentation of the various works was made by Transport for NSW, in consultation with its advisory group and Cultural Capital.

How many artworks are there?

A total of 20 artworks have been commissioned. Completed works will be exhibited over the coming months.

Why moving image art over other art forms?

Wynscreen resides within the Clarence Street entrance of Wynyard Station. The architect’s design concept for the walkway through to the station was based on the idea of 'flow'. Moving image art via an LED screen enables dynamic range of colour and movement to further enhance and enliven the concept of flow.

Will Wynscreen be used for advertising?

Wynscreen was purpose-built as a dedicated public art screen for moving image artwork. Transport for NSW intends to maintain it for the presentation of inspiring works by video and filmmakers, artists, designers, choreographers, and other creative practitioners.

Who maintains Wynscreen?

Sydney Trains.