Heritage Week 2017

Rare historical photos discovered

A rare volume of historic photos was recently found by the Sydney Trains Heritage Team during an office relocation at the bottom of an abandoned steel cabinet, along with other papers and old plans.

The volume includes c300 rare photographs taken during construction of the city underground stations in the 1920s and 1930s.

Further research by Australian Railway Historical Society (ARHS, NSW) reveals the album belongs to a series of 11 photo albums kept at State Archives and Records NSW. Finding the missing volume completes this irreplaceable record of the construction of the City Underground.

Sydney Trains commissioned ARHS to professionally digitize each photo before transferring the physical album to State Archives and Records NSW.

To celebrate Heritage Week a small selection of the digitized photos can be viewed here.

f you are interested in learning more about the city underground why not visit the exhibition at St James Station platforms. This free public exhibition was installed to celebrate the underground’s 90th birthday in December 2016.