16 Regional Cities Program - Armidale


Project overview

People in Armidale are invited to have their say on how bus services can be improved in the local area to better meet the community’s needs.

Transport for NSW said under the NSW Government’s 16 Regional Cities Services Improvement Program, a consultation period is now open until 28 October, giving Armidale residents a chance to help plan better bus services.

“We want to ensure our public transport network meets the specific needs of this community, with more reliable services and better connections to the places people want to visit and at the times they want to travel,” a Transport for NSW spokesperson said.

“Feedback from the community will inform any potential future improvements to the local Armidale network, delivering on our vision to help make public transport a first-choice option for people living in the regions.”

NSW regional cities have dynamic and thriving industries, and better transport connections will support them and boost the economy.

The Armidale community is being given the chance to help identify gaps and opportunities around how bus services operate, which will allow Transport to plan service improvements with local operators to better meet the needs of bus users.

“This is a great initiative, and the potential future improvements could include changes to existing journeys in Armidale, new trip possibilities and offer better connectivity to key destinations, such as hospitals, TAFE and university.”


Feedback open
In progress

The 16 Regional Cities consultation period for Armidale runs from Monday 19 September until Friday 28 October.

Feedback can be provided:

For more information, visit the 16 Regional Cities Services Improvement Program page.