16 Regional Cities Program - Griffith


Project overview

We are improving regional bus services in Griffith to better meet customer's travel needs.

Top Priorities

We have engaged with customers and key stakeholders to identify gaps in the current transport network to deliver service improvements. The service improvements have included initiatives such as extending services across more hours in the day and connecting people to where they want to go by modifying and creating new bus routes.

Service improvements were delivered in Griffith on 20 July 2020, please see the Griffith Bus Services FAQ (PDF, 573.67 KB) for more information and details of the changes.

For Transport information and to plan your trip visit transportnsw.info.

Information about the new bus network across Griffith, school services and fares is available at the Bus Lines Group website.

Holistic Planning

During Holistic Planning, wider consultation was led by a Human Centred Design approach to engagement. Feedback from the community, stakeholders and customers will be considered during planning.

More information

Email: regionalcitiesprogram@transport.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 1800 717 528