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The NSW Government is investing $750,000 in a project at the Ewingsdale Road interchange on the Pacific Highway to manage traffic flow and reduce highway congestion during peak traffic periods for motorists travelling to Ewingsdale and Byron Bay.

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Nov 2020 - Night work at Ewingsdale Road interchange, Pacific Highway

Transport for NSW is carrying out work to install traffic control signals on the eastern roundabout of the Ewingsdale interchange. View or download the Ewingsdale Road project notification (PDF, 400Kb).

Nov 2020 - Road improvements at Ewingsdale for Byron Bay

Transport for NSW is installing metering on the eastern roundabout of the Ewingsdale interchange. View or download the Ewingsdale Road project update (PDF, 1.49Mb).

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For the normal weekday morning peak, traffic exiting the Pacific Highway to travel towards Byron Bay experiences significant delays. The impact of these delays causes traffic queuing on the southbound slow lane of the highway, which is a significant safety hazard given the 100km/hr highway speed limit. In October 2019, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) made some changes to the Byron Bay Hospital roundabout in an effort to reduce congestion along Ewingsdale Road. This followed earlier lane adjustments to provide more storage on the highway off-ramp and an extension of the merge onto Ewingsdale Road. While these changes were beneficial, the congestion reoccurred and further work is now required.As part of a staged approach to manage current congestion, TfNSW will install metering on the eastern roundabout of the Ewingsdale interchange. This will involve the installation of traffic control signals on the approach to the eastern interchange roundabout on Ewingsdale Road.

Traffic modelling shows traffic control signals at this location will improve traffic flow from the Pacific Highway onto Ewingsdale Road. However, it is recognised the metering will create some delay for traffic travelling into Byron Bay from the western side of the Ewingsdale interchange. Reducing queuing on the 100 km/hr lanes of the Pacific Highway is the main aim of this work due to the significant safety risks associated with high speed accidents.

The metering forms part of an overall strategy to reduce congestion and improve safety along Ewingsdale Road. Transport for NSW is also working with Byron Shire Council to explore whole of transport solutions to the travel patterns in the Byron LGA. We will continue to look at future upgrades to the Ewingsdale interchange and Ewingsdale Road to address connectivity into Byron and Ewingsdale.

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