Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP)


Project overview

Transport for NSW is investing $123 million in a world leading multi modal transport management system by delivering a new Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP).

ICMP will enable the Transport Management Centre (TMC) to make faster, more informed decisions making passenger journeys more reliable and reducing the cost of congestion.

Using both offline and real time simulation ICMP will help plan for future transport including the need to support the rate of development across the city, ease congestion and provide the best incident response plans.

Key benefits

  • Real time status of all transport modes across the cluster that will enable the operators at TMC to quickly identify issues that need to be communicated to the public a lot faster, without relying on manual processes
  • New offline simulation capability to support road occupancy licensing and major event planning
  • Auto generated congestion alerts that quickly point our operators to where unusual conditions exist on the network, leading to faster detection of crashes or unusual conditions. 
  • Full rollout using real-time data, predictive analytics and decision support on roads and public transport will mean operators can predict 30 minutes into the future and act in 5 minutes delivered in 2020.