Lake Macquarie Boat Storage Strategy


Project overview

The NSW Government is investigating boat storage options for the Lake Macquarie area to improve storage capacity and public spaces along the lake foreshore while taking into account environmental and navigation constraints.

Key benefits

  • Maximise existing storage capacity
  • Improve the management of moorings
  • Improve the management of dinghies along the foreshore


The Draft Boat Storage Strategy for Lake Macquarie was developed in response to the NSW Government’s Boating Statement and the Regional Boating Plans which set boating safety, access and storage priorities for NSW.

These documents highlighted the need to develop strategies for the management of boat storage options to address future capacity and demand for storage facilities. Lake Macquarie was identified as one of the key areas for a boat storage strategy due to the growth of recreational boating use on the lake.

More information, including the strategy document, is available on the Centre for Maritime Safety website.