Longueville slipway demolition


Project overview

Transport for NSW is planning to remove the slipway and winch at the end of Dunois Avenue, Longueville, to improve safety and beach access.

Project information

Slipway and winch now closed

Access on or under the structure is prohibited and offenders will be prosecuted.

Transport for NSW has started public consultation on the removal of the slipway. We will shortly be calling on nearby residents to discuss our intentions with the slipway. Letters will be sent to the wider local community and key stakeholders outlining the reasons for the decision and the process to be followed.


Transport for NSW and Government Property NSW own the slipway which has fallen below standards due to non-maintenance by the Licensee.

The license has been terminated and the structure will be demolished to remove any residual danger the structure may impose and improve public access to the waterfront.

The Longueville slipway adjoins Griffith Park (Lot 1 in DP 177875) which is owned by Lane Cove Council, on Dunois Street. The site is predominantly surrounded by privately leased Boatsheds and adjacent to a public bath which is leased to Council.

A site inspection was conducted on 8 July 2015 with Council, and it was evident that the structures had not been maintained by the Licensee as required under Special Conditions of Licence – Schedule 3 – Maintenance Obligations.

  • Timbers supporting the slipway are rotten and in numerous places missing completely
  • Buckets filled with concrete are used to support the cradle and slipway rails as missing timbers have not been replaced
  • No sacrificial anodes to prevent rusting were evident
  • No sign was located on the winch advising operation guidelines of the slipway
  • Slipway rails were corroded and rusted. Structures were to be replaced based on their condition as specified in item (g) – Special Conditions, although they may have been replaced rails in 2011 they're corroded and rusted.

Lane Cove Council has been advised of the decision. Council has confirmed it has no use for the winch and supports its removal.

Current status of proposed development

The structure has been condemned which means it is illegal to use the slipway. Appropriate signage is being installed around the structure to advise visitors.

What happens next?

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) will be developed and put on public display for two weeks. We will consider community feedback in our plans.

Contact us

For further information about this project, please contact:

Phone: 1800 927 543

Email: Longueville-slipway@transport.nsw.gov.au