Polding and Nelson Street, Fairfield


Project overview

In March 2019, a $450 million Urban Road Congestion Program was announced by the NSW Government to ease congestion, reduce traffic delays and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads. This included a commitment to investigate improving the pinch points at the intersections of The Horsley Drive at Polding and Nelson Street, Fairfield.

Project information


Transport for NSW is working to improve travel times and road user safety with two separate proposals to upgrade the intersections of The Horsley Drive at Polding Street and Nelson Street in Fairfield.

Currently, motorists experience heavy congestion, slow travel times and delays while traveling through The Horsley Drive at each of these intersections. Transport is proposing improvements at each intersection.

What is a pinch point? 

Pinch points are traffic congestion points, intersections or short lengths of road at which a traffic bottleneck exists slowing down the broader network. They cause a build up of traffic and travel delays at these spots and on the wider road network.

Community benefits

Both projects would improve:

  • Traffic flow and reliability on The Horsley Drive
  • Accessibility for pedestrians
  • Road safety while enhancing intersection performance
  • Network performance with additional lanes
  • Road network performance with additional lane capacity on The Horsley Drive westbound

Community consultation

Transport is inviting feedback on proposed improvements for each intersection of The Horsley Drive at Polding Street and Nelson Street in Fairfield, to improve traffic flow, ease congestion and improve road user and pedestrian safety.

A notification has been provided to the local community and stakeholders as an overview of the two projects. Feedback is invited on the proposals with the close of consultation on Friday 28 October 2022.  Details on how to provide feedback are included in the project notification.

What happens next?

At the end of the consultation period we will summarise comments received and provide responses in a Community Consultation Report. The report will be available on the project website. If you submit feedback we will let you know directly when the report is available.


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Project notifications

  • October 2022 project notification

    Advanced notification – proposal for Improvements at the intersections of The Horsley Drive, Polding and Nelson Street, Fairfield.

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