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Project overview

The NSW Government is delivering major improvements to maritime infrastructure and facilities to help the boating and wider community safely access, use and navigate our rivers and coastal waters.

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Latest news

Dec 2022 - Waterside works are underway

Works are progressing well with the completion of all piling works for the Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility Project. The 13 pre-cast runway beams for the travel lift were fabricated offsite and have been installed. The floating pontoons, travel lift walkways, handrails and gangway will be completed prior to Christmas. The winch housing office and amenities block have been demolished and we will commence shortly on the demolition of the site existing slab, which will be removed progressively in and in accordance with Remedial Action Plan. Procurement of long lead time items is currently underway to support the project delivery.

View or download the December 2022 project update. (PDF, 6.21 MB)

Aug 2022 - Early works being in late August

Our team will be on-site in mid-August to set-up the site for the Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility project. See below for more information on the staging of the work and what to expect during construction.

Project information

Project background

The NSW Government recognises the continued need to support the renewal and upgrade of boating infrastructure and facilities with local significance for recreational and commercial boating throughout the state.

The Tweed River is used by recreational boaters, commercial fishing vessels and maritime related tourism operators. The slipway has been in operation since the 1960’s and now requires replacement as it only serviced a small number and range of vessels due to its deteriorating condition and reduced lifting capability. 

What are we proposing?

The scope of the project we will deliver in 2022 and early 2023 comprises of:

  • demolishing the deteriorating existing Boat Maintenance Facility, including the slipway rails, winch and cradle
  • demolishing the office building, workshop and storage container and replace with new building and storage container
  • constructing a levelled hardstand area with new pavement surface and drainage
  • constructing overwater lift platforms
  • installing service pontoons and access gangways
  • installing a new 75–tonne boat travel lift
  • installing a commercial wastewater treatment system 

Benefits of the project

The project will :

  • increase community access and use of the boat maintenance facility
  • increase safety for users of the boat maintenance facility by upgrading services and equipment to meet current guidelines
  • protect and improve the Tweed marine environment by upgrading the drainage and wastewater treatment system
  • improved facilities for boat users with new office storage areas and a 75-tonne boat travel lift
  • improved ‘look and feel’ of the area.

Next steps

A Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) for the site was completed in July 2022. The results identified the contamination on site is consistent with other slipway operations across NSW. Since our last update, the Remediation Action Plan (RAP) has been finalised to support the design and planning for the travel lift. The landside works include a full remediation of the site and the ‘cap and contain’ approach as outlined in the 2021 Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

Work has commenced on the demolition of the sites existing slab, which will be removed in accordance with the RAP controls, further reducing exposure to the site contamination. The site is expected to be remediated prior to Christmas with excavation and installation of the trade waste system, office, storage container, services and inspection completed in 2023.

The pre-cast runway beams for the travel lift were fabricated offsite and have been delivered to the site. The waterside works including the completion of the revetment, installation of the travel lift runway beams, floating pontoons, travel lift walkway structure and gangway will be completed progressively prior to the Christmas break.

Community information

Community updates

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • When will construction start and how long will it take to complete?
    We will begin working on the Tweed Heads Boat Maintenance Facility from late August 2022. The works are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, weather, tidal conditions and COVID-19 impacts permitting.
  • What will the work schedule be like?
    Our work hours will be between 7am and 6pm from Mondays to Fridays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. There will be no work on Sundays or on public holidays. Where possible, all maritime operations will be conducted within these hours.
  • How will our work affect you?

    You may begin to notice some activity at our project site. The work will involve piling, truck deliveries, marine vessel movement, concrete works and installation of materials.

    Our work may be noisy at times, but we will do everything we can to minimise its impact, including by keeping within our permitted work hours and notifying residents before work starts. The project team will also help reduce noise by turning off machines and vehicles when they are not being used.

    If Aboriginal heritage items are uncovered during the work, all work in the vicinity of the find must cease and the Transport Project Team notified immediately. An assessment of ecology in the vicinity of the proposed works was undertaken and in the event there is presence of marine life within the site area, works will cease.

    We will implement some temporary traffic controls for the safety of motorists, pedestrians and workers. Access for construction vehicles will be along council approved routes. Please keep to speed limits, follow signs and traffic controllers’ directions at all times. Navigational buoys and markers will be installed on the southern side of the river for the duration of the project for the safety of marine vessel operators during construction.

  • Is the slipway at Tweed Heads open?
    The slipway is currently closed. The slipway will reopen upon project completion in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Why was the slipway closed?
    The slipway was closed allowed us to carry out initial investigations, planning and early work prior to the start of construction.
  • What size will the boat travel lift be?
    The boat travel lift for this project will be 75–tonne. The boat travel lift being used on the project is custom–built to have an internal width of 8.4 metres, which is wider than a standard 75–tonne boat travel lift, and is similar width to the 100–tonne travel lift on the Gold Coast. Please refer to the ASCOM boat travel lift specification for further details.
  • When will the contamination remediation activities be completed?
    The compliance recommendations for the contamination will be completed during the early works phase of the project.
  • Why isn’t Stage 2 being constructed now?
    The proposed Stage 2 works would allow for an expansion of the hardstand area at a future time. Stage 2 was planned, designed and consultation was completed during this project. Stage 2 will require additional funding which will be considered as part of future budget submissions. To find out more about Stage 2 please refer to our previous community update.
  • Now the slipway is closed, what will happen if I need emergency repairs or inspections?

    We suggest that you develop an emergency repair or inspection plan for your vessel and investigate local alternatives. If you require an emergency lift, please reach out via email to

    In emergency situations vessel operators should contact 000 and seek assistance from NSW Water Police and Marine Rescue.

  • Is on–water fuelling facility included in the project?
    On–water fuelling facility is not part of the scope of this project and there is no additional funding to provide this at this time.
  • Will the boat travel lift platform impact navigation in the area?
    The design and location of the boat travel lift was developed to ensure it continues to provide safe navigation and access. The design has been assessed by our Maritime Operations team and the appropriate navigational aids or signage will be put in place to advise navigation changes when the project is completed. When construction starts temporary navigational buoys installed on the southern side of the river for the duration of the project to indicate the work area. Please be aware there may be temporary changes in the area and follow any on–water navigational aids.
  • I require an AMSA Survey during the project, how do I apply for an exemption?
    We have recently reached out to Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for further information on survey exemptions due to the project’s impact on the community and businesses. We are currently seeking advice around specific exemptions. Please reach out to our project team using the contact details below if you have any questions.

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