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The Australian and NSW Governments are investing more than $400 million to improve safety and reduce crashes on NSW roads.

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Transport for NSW is improving pedestrian safety and traffic flow at Victoria Road, between Pennant and Pemberton Streets, Parramatta.

The improvements have been developed in response to community feedback about the lack of pedestrian crossing facilities at Victoria Road and road safety statistics on pedestrian crashes in the area near the Victoria Road and Pemberton Street intersection.

The key safety improvements will include the introduction of two new signalised crossings on Victoria Road and Pennant Street to assist pedestrian access to Collett Park, Collett Village shops and the two bus stops on Victoria Road.

A new right turn bay on Victoria Road will also allow westbound motorists to turn right into Pennant Street. The proposed design also includes an increase to the length of the centre median strip on Victoria Road.

To improve pedestrian safety and reduce the high incidence of jay-walking in this area, the Victoria Road extended median will have a pedestrian barrier which will restrict motorists accessing the right turn into and out of Pemberton Street, limiting the street to left-in and left-out movements only.

For further information about the funding of this project, read about the Road Safety Stimulus Program.


The proposed improvements are expected to provide:

  • improved road safety for all road users, in particular crashes involving pedestrians using this section of the corridor
  • improved traffic flow and turning movements from new traffic signals
  • improved network accessibility and amenity
  • improved and safe pedestrian link to Collett Village Shops.


The key features include:

  • two new signalised pedestrian crossings to allow safer crossing of Victoria Road and Pennant Street
  • removal of existing median island crossing on Pennant Street, to provide new signalised crossing facility and the zebra crossing to allow pedestrian access to Collett Village shops
  • removal of two car parking spaces near the zebra crossing to facilitate safety improvements and entry and exit from the carpark
  • extension of median strip on Victoria Road to beyond the intersection of Pemberton Street, to include a pedestrian fence to restrict jay-walking
  • new right turning bay for motorists travelling westbound on Victoria Road to turn right into Pennant Street
  • removal of the right turn and through movements in and out of Pemberton Street as a result of the extended median and pedestrian fence on Victoria Road
  • removal of bus lane on approach to Pennant Street to allow for new signalised crossing on Victoria Road
  • road resurfacing and line marking
  • tree trimming and minor landscaping.

Next steps

Construction has commenced. Transport for NSW will keep the community updated as the project progresses.

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