Pest reduction program

The New South Wales Pesticides Regulation 2017 requires Sydney Trains, as a manager of Public Land, to prepare a Pesticide Use Notification Plan that describes how it will notify the community about applications of pesticides in outdoor public places. 

Sydney Trains Pesticide Use Notification Plan describes: 

  • Public places where Sydney Trains may apply pesticides, 
  • How and when Sydney Trains will provide the community with information about its pesticide application in public places (i.e. what notification arrangements will be used ), and 
  • How the community can access the Pesticide Use Notification Plan and receive further information. 

The plan applies to public transport infrastructure including: 

  • The Sydney metropolitan rail network and train stations 
  • Intercity railway lines from Sydney to Hamilton in the north, Bombaderry in the south and Bowenfells to the west and, 
  • NSW TrainLink stations where Sydney Trains performs this work on their behalf. 

Sydney Trains has conducted a review of its current Pesticide Use Notification Plan (PDF, 597.3 KB). The draft revised plan (PDF, 1.02 MB) can be viewed at or at the Burwood Office, 36-46 George Street Burwood. Please call (02) 9219 1100 to arrange an appointment.

Any comments on the Draft Pesticide Use Notification Plan should be forwarded to the following address no later than 9 June 2021: 

Director Environment 
Level 4, 36-46 George Street 
Burwood NSW 2134 


Submissions received by Sydney Trains will be considered in the finalisation of the Pesticide Use Notification Plan (PDF, 597.3 KB).

Pesticide products used