Additional Assistance Payment Scheme

Applications have closed and assessments have commenced.

A number of applications have been finalised and recommended for payment. TfNSW is communicating with these payment recipients on preferred payment options. Following this additional step, payments will be approved and provided to recipients.

Applicants were given the opportunity to provide information relating to their application up to 14 December 2018. These applications are currently being processed and applicants will continue to be contacted as needed from early January 2019 as part of the assessment process.

Assessment of applications will continue until all are finalised, including notification of the outcome to applicants and where applicants are determined for payment, payments are made.  We are working to complete this process by 31 March 2019 however if needed, this timeframe could be extended.

  • The deadline of 14 December 2018 for providing additional information was provided by notice under the point to point legislation: see NSW Government Gazette (page 4).
  • The Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Assistance Panel (the Panel) is responsible for assessing applications and identifying those that demonstrate the need for an additional assistance payment.
  • The Panel makes recommendations to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, who makes the final determination in regards to all applications (including payment amounts).
  • Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application once it has been determined, including the payment amount. To date, a number of applicants have received correspondence that advises:
    • the Panel has recommended them for a payment and of the amount of payment
    • payment is based on the guidelines for payments determined by the Panel and on the information and evidence provided in the application
    • TfNSW is advising them of the payment so they may seek independent legal or professional financial / taxation advice in relation to the additional assistance payment scheme and their individual circumstances
    • of the options to either take the payment in a lump sum or in three equal instalments over 3 financial years
    • to advise TfNSW of their preferred option so the payment can be arranged
  • Applicants will also be kept updated at key stages of the process via this webpage.

Important information about additional assistance payments

  • The Australian Taxation Office has informed Transport for NSW that an additional assistance payment will be assessed as taxable income. This is supported by Taxation Ruling TR 2006/3.
  • The Department of Social Services has advised Transport for NSW that an additional assistance payment will not be considered as an exempt lump sum payment for the purposes of the social security income test. An additional assistance payment has the potential to impact your pension.
  • You are encouraged to seek independent legal or professional financial / taxation advice in relation to the additional assistance payment scheme and your individual circumstances.
  • If you are concerned and wish to withdraw your application you can do so at any time by emailing or sending a letter to the Team Leader, Additional Assistance Payment Scheme, Locked Bag 17, Dubbo, NSW, 2830.

Other important information to remember

  • Payments under the Additional Assistance Payment Scheme are ex gratia and are not intended to provide compensation for any reduction in taxi licence values.
  • If an applicant has provided false or deliberately misleading information in their application, they may be determined to be ineligible to receive an additional assistance payment and may be subject to prosecution by Transport for NSW. Information provided in applications may be subject to auditing.

Historical information

View historical information about the Additional Assistance Payment Scheme, including:

  • Eligibility
  • Former application process
  • Frequently Asked Questions.