Be Freight Fit


Project overview

The Be Freight Fit pilot aims to provide heavy vehicle drivers with an opportunity to manage their rest and break times in a way that promotes improved health and wellbeing. By introducing outdoor fitness equipment at heavy vehicle rest stops, Transport aims to support the road freight industry deliver positive outcomes for its workforce. Clybucca north and south bound rest stops on the Pacific Highway (north of Kempsey) have been selected as the pilot sites.

Key benefits

The project provides drivers the opportunity to engage in physical activity. With regular exercise helping to decrease stress, and promote better health and wellbeing outcomes including:

  • Reducing the 76,000 lost weeks of work every year as a result of musculoskeletal injuries in drivers each year
  • Reducing chronic pain for drivers will also improve their ability to perform the job
  • Better mental health and emotional wellbeing, and lower rates of mental illness
  • Better sleep, with good sleep helping to regulate moods
  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis


Download the Program  (PDF, 517.54 KB)


Equipment selected for the two pilot sites has been tailored to meet the specific health concerns of heavy vehicle drivers. The equipment addresses:

ExerciseHealth focus 
Cardio: an elliptical trainer and body twist Sedentary nature of role 
Upper body strength: pulldown, pull up and leg raisesUpper limb strength to climb in and out of truck
Lower body strength: leg press Lower limb strength to climb in and out of truck 
Stretching: stretch station to relieve tightness and achesSustained seated position 

Download the tailored 15 minute exercise exercise program  (PDF, 517.54 KB)

The equipment includes a range of dynamic and static equipment, designed to meet the Australian Standards for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment (AS16630:2021). All equipment includes instructional signage and QR codes to link to instructional videos.

Rest stops


Recognising the road network as a heavy vehicle driver’s workplace, Transport acknowledges rest areas as important facilities to support heavy vehicle drivers. The Be Freight Fit project looks to pilot facilities that cater to the health and wellbeing needs of heavy vehicle drivers.

Be Freight Fit is a result of Transport’s Bright Ideas – Pitch to the Panel Program. Bright Ideas is an innovation platform that invites the people of Transport to pitch an ‘idea’ they believe would benefit customers and communities. Be Freight Fit was one of 10 projects selected from more than 130 ‘ideas’ to deliver a proof-of-concept.

Be Freight Fit is a proof-of-concept pilot, with potential for scaling if considered successful. Transport will be engaging with industry to test for further appetite for facilities such as outdoor fitness equipment in other rest areas.

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