Future Transport Technology


Project overview

Our program to apply technology to improve transport


In progress

Our vision is that NSW will take the lead in applying new and emerging technologies to improve transport for customers. That requires us to shift our thinking towards transport as a technology business which is what the Future Transport Technology program is all about.

This ongoing program of work focuses across a number of key areas:

  • Providing a channel for engaging and partnering with the tech industry
  • Bringing in new ideas and new thinking in from outside transport
  • Leveraging the ideas of our people
  • Changing our culture and capability internally so we are more able to take advantage of the opportunities that technology brings
  • And developing and implementing a roadmap for how we’ll apply technology to improve transport over the coming decades.

We launched the program at a Future Transport Technology Summit held in Sydney in April 2016. Since then we have continued to engage with industry, academics and entrepreneurs, we have invited our people to hack the company through an Intrapraneurs Hothouse and gathered feedback from young people at the Youth Summit.

The ideas we have collected will inform our Future Transport Technology Roadmap which will set out how we will work with industry and the community to make future transport a reality in NSW.
Get involved

We are always keen to hear from innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, organisations and individuals who have great ideas about how to apply new and emerging technologies to improve transport.

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