Maritime projects


Project overview

On this page you can find all Maritime projects throughout NSW. These projects are related to Maritime property and commercial, environmental and ferry wharf upgrade programs.

Maritime projects are run by a number of branches within the Maritime Division.

Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO)

The Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO) is responsible for the development and delivery of maritime infrastructure across NSW,

NSW Boating Now

The NSW Boating Now Program provides grant funding to improve maritime infrastructure and facilities across NSW.

Wharf Upgrade Program

The NSW Government is progressively upgrading ferry wharves across Sydney to improve ferry services for customers.

 Maritime initiatives

Environmental and erosion management projects

Our range of environmental projects are controlled by our regional directorates. These projects focus on balancing boating and on-water activities with environmental issues and erosion in our waterways throughout the state.

Property projects

The Maritime Division manages properties on and around NSW waterways. Infrastructure projects and MasterPlan for areas are managed by the Property and Commercial Division of Transport for NSW.

Master plans