Sydney Metro City & Southwest Metro Art

Integrated public art will create a vibrant storyline across 18 Sydney Metro City & Southwest stations.

A total of 19 exceptional Australian and local NSW artists were selected from amongst hundreds to create public art for the new metro line.

Tracks by Maddison Gibbs, Canterbury Station. Transparent graphic film interlayer between laminated glass, 12 panels, 11.5 x 1.9 metres. Image: Lucas MacMillan, Sydney Metro



Sydney Metro City & Southwest artworks respond to the theme Storyline. This theme recognises the mosaic of vibrant places and diverse communities - including First Nations – situated along the alignment and encourages unique responses at each station.

All artworks are closely integrated into station design and located to be experienced by both customers and local communities. The artworks have been conceived to bring delight to every trip.

They will be unveiled at each of the new or upgraded metro stations between 2022 and 2025.

Sydney Metro City & Southwest Metro Art

Connecting Chatswood to Sydenham, the new City & Southwest line includes six new stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Gadigal (formerly Pitt Street) and Waterloo, along with new platforms at Central and Sydenham Stations. 

The new metro stations will feature large architectural-scale artworks in areas with high impact at entrances, plazas or main metro concourses. Where stations have two entrances, unique elements of the same artwork will be installed in each.

Central Station features an additional artwork commissioned to celebrate the station’s rich heritage. 

As part of the new T3 Bankstown Line, an ensemble of glazed artworks will light up the 10 stations between Bankstown and Marrickville, each conceived by a different artist. These artworks are realised as prints in transparent or translucent colour on interlayer film, laminated into the glass screens at station entrances. Sydney-based design consultancy X Squared Design collaborated with all 10 artists and artist teams, leading the technical development and finalisation of artwork details.

Illuminated by the sun and night lighting, these artworks are like contemporary stained glass; ever-changing and casting patterns of coloured light on station surfaces according to the time of day, weather and season.


Relocating existing artworks

The construction of Victoria Cross and Martin Place metro stations impacted four existing artworks. 

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P&O Wall Fountain, 1963, Tom Bass (1916-2010) Commissioned for the P&O Building at 55 Hunter Street. This artwork has been removed and will be relocated in Martin Place. Photo: Rusty Goat Media.

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