Sydney Metro City & Southwest Metro Art

Integrated public art will create a vibrant storyline across 18 Sydney Metro City & Southwest stations.

A total of 19 exceptional Australian and local NSW artists were selected from amongst hundreds to create public art for the new metro line.

The artworks reflect the evolving stories of the places and communities connected by the metro. Together the public art will create a rich cultural legacy for the people of Sydney and an uplifting public transit experience.

Sydney Metro City & Southwest

Sydney Metro City & Southwest will run from Bankstown in the city’s southwest, through the CBD, under Sydney Harbour and on to Chatswood.

Opening in 2024, the line will connect with the existing Metro North West at Chatswood, running via Epping to Tallawong in Rouse Hill. You can find out more on the project overview page.


Sydney Metro City & Southwest artworks respond to the theme Storyline.

This theme recognises the mosaic of vibrant places and diverse communities, including First Nations, along the line, and encourages unique responses at each station.

All artworks are closely integrated into station design and located to be experienced by both customers and local communities. The artworks have been conceived to bring delight to every trip.

They will be unveiled with the stations between 2022 and 2024.

Michaelie Crawford provided expert art advice on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest art. She assisted in developing the curatorial theme, participated on selection panels, and provided curatorial expertise through the project.

Crawford brought a wealth of previous experience from her years of creating public art, including her work on Light Line Social Square at 8 stations of the Metro North West line.

City Metro Art

City stations and Sydenham Station feature large architectural-scale artworks in areas with high impact at entrances, plazas or main metro concourses.

Where stations have two entrances, unique elements of the same artwork will be installed in each.

Central Station will feature an additional artwork commissioned to celebrate the station’s rich heritage.

In the tradition of many great railway stations around the world, these nine stations are enhanced with:

  • integrated public art
  • vibrantly coloured tiled works
  • suspended sculptures
  • cast sculptures and sculptures in relief
  • screen-based works
  • artworks embedded in the ceiling and
  • ground planes.

Each artwork tells a story that evokes experiences, memories and imaginings of our multi-faceted contemporary lives.

Sydney Metro City & Sydenham Metro Art now on display:


Southwest Metro Art

Public art will light up the 10 stations between Bankstown and Marrickville.

They were commissioned as an ensemble of glazed artworks, by different artists.

The artworks will be realised as prints in transparent or translucent colour, on interlayer film. The film is then bonded into the large walls at station entrances, and concourses.

These coloured, glazed artworks are like contemporary stained glass.

Illuminated by the sun and night lighting, the artworks will be ever-changing and cast patterns of coloured light on station surfaces according to the time of day, weather and season.

They will be visible from the station entrances, station platforms and nearby streets.

X Squared Design has worked with all 10 artists and artist teams to assist in development of the artworks.

The Sydney-based design consultancy has led technical development and finalisation of artwork details.

Art Commissioning

Sydney Metro selected a diverse range of talented artists via a 2-step art commissioning model for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project.

The model embedded transparency, art and design expertise, and fairness into artwork selection.

Artists were invited to register their interest through public Expression Of Interest, (EOI’s).

Shortlisted artists were invited to develop concepts through competitions. Panels of art experts and designers undertook selection at both stages.

More information can be found on the Metro Art page and in the Sydney Metro Art Masterplan

Create NSW Partnership

Sydney Metro established a partnership with Create NSW in 2018 in the commissioning of Sydney Metro City & Southwest artworks.

This collaboration includes working across government, public art governance, partnerships and arts communications.

Create NSW is the NSW Government’s arts and cultural driver, which brings together arts, screen and culture functions in an integrated entity, and includes cultural infrastructure.

Create NSW is responsible for furthering Government’s vision for NSW to be known for:

  • its bold and exciting arts
  • culture that engages the community
  • supports innovation
  • facilitates economic development and
  • reflects the state’s rich diversity.

Relocating existing artworks

The construction of Victoria Cross and Martin Place metro stations impacted four existing artworks.

Sydney Metro worked with North Sydney Council relocating Harbour Cycles by Richard Byrnes.

The artwork is now located in a park adjoining Milsons Point station.

In Martin Place, Four Continents and P&O Wall Mural by Douglas Annand, along with P&O Wall Fountain by Tom Bass were carefully removed.

The artworks will be relocated around the Hunter Street entrance to Martin Place station.

Sydney Metro undertook a de-accessioning process for each of the four artworks.

Councils and developers assisted to determine the best long-term course of action.

Artists and families of the deceased artists contributed to this planning.

After careful removal, storage, refurbishment and re-installation, all artworks will be back on public display.