Doing business with us

Advertising on our buses

With hundreds of buses on the road each day carrying thousands of customers, a great way to get exposure for your product or service is to advertise with State Transit buses.

Whether it’s an advertisement inside the bus, or on the outside of our buses in view of thousands of motorists and pedestrians, there are many opportunities to raiser the profile of your brand.

For more information about advertising using State Transit, please visit APN Outdoor.

Advertising at bus stops

Advertising at bus shelters is managed by local government. In many cases, a contractor provides and maintains street furniture on behalf of each Council.

State Transit does not co-ordinate the provision of, or the content of, commercial advertising at bus stops or in bus shelters.

For details of advertising specifications and advertising locations, please contact the relevant local Council.

The two major suppliers of street furniture in Sydney are Adshel and JCDecaux .

Feedback about Ads

If you would like to provide feedback about an ad that appears on the outside or inside of a bus, please visit the Advertising Standards Bureau website for further information.

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