Focus on Safety

This is how we do it:

Keeping our customers safe

  • Installing digital CCTV systems on most buses within our fleet
  • Reviewing the interior layout of our buses to reduce the risk of passenger falls
  • Campaign messaging to encourage better customer behaviour:
    • Stay safe, Hold on
    • Don’t move around the bus while its moving
    • On B-Lines, do not stand on the staircase while the bus is moving
    • When possible, stay seated until the bus pulls up at your stop
  • Providing training for our drivers to ensure a smooth journey for passengers
  • Providing training for our drivers so they can support passengers with mobility issues and special needs

Reducing anti-social behaviour

  • Installing security screens in buses to protect drivers from assault
  • Working closely with NSW Police who patrol our buses
  • Conducting joint security operations and participating in programs targeting vandalism and anti-social behaviour
  • Ensuring safety at the bus stops through undertaking Route Risk Assessments to identify hazards
  • Working with local councils to reduce or eliminate risks