School student transport & bus etiquette

Moving children and teenagers to and from their school is a big part of our drivers’ job in the morning peak and at school finishing time. State Transit operates nearly 3000 school trips on more than 550 designated school special routes each week.

While there are dedicated school buses for a number of schools, many school children catch one of our public buses to and from school.

For the huge volume of schoolchildren who use our services, there are a few things they need to do:

  • Tap on and off with your Opal card – whether it’s a student or regular Opal card – every time you  travel on a regular route or school special service.
  • Follow any directions given by the bus driver i.e. if standing, move to the back of the bus to let other customers on.
  • Do not sit in the priority seating area, these are for customers who are less mobile than you.
  • On a crowded bus please offer your seat to an adult, especially an elderly person or a pregnant woman – it’s good manners!
  • Be quiet and respectful – the bus driver needs to concentrate on the road.
  • When at a bus stop, please signal clearly that you want the bus to stop.

Specific school timetables can be accessed by doing an advanced Trip Plan on

Hiring a school bus

Half the fun of a school excursion is the bus trip! If you are planning a school excursion, travel to a sports carnival or a social function for your school, State Transit will look after your school’s transport needs.

Our drivers are on the road most days, therefore qualified and experienced to provide safe and reliable journeys for your schoolchildren and school staff.

Please note that due to safety requirements, a maximum of two students are permitted to a seat.