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Meet Farlane!
Farlane is a 2nd year Heavy Vehicle Body Repair Apprentice and started State Transit in early 2014. Farlane wanted to learn more about the trade having been interested in big trucks since she was a kid when she would help her Dad with his truck. Farlane works alongside other apprentices who perform different trades including Mechanical and Vehicle Painting.

Having previously represented Australia in Australian Women's Rugby League Team, Farlane is focused on succeeding. She started her apprenticeship at the Western Regional Body Shop and spent her first year gaining valuable experience and knowledge of State Transit's diverse bus fleet.

Farlane has had a chance to work on some unique projects so far. One job she found really satisfying was converting a vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible. One of the challenges Farlane has found has been learning things from scratch, "It was difficult coming into an industry I knew nothing about and starting from the bottom". Now Farlane sees learning new skills as one of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of her apprenticeship.

Farlane finds the feedback she receives from her managers really helpful, motivating her to do her best. One of the most positive comments a manager has made was the "Farlane's work quality has been excellent as she is interested in her work. She completes her jobs with great attention to detail and ensures each job is finished to a high standard. Farlane shows her interest and commitment to her apprenticeship through her eagerness to learn more about the work and the industry. She welcomes new jobs that challenge her and allow her to it work out for herself. She is always willing to try any job given to her".

Reflecting back, Farlane says that asides from the skills she has gained here, she feels more independent and grown up. And if she could offer a tip to anyone interested in doing an apprenticeship, it would be "learn as much as you can, try your hardest, don't be scared to fail as you're still learning! Don't be afraid to ask for help and learn from your mistakes".

Brendan Depot Manager


Depot Manager

Meet Brendan!
Brendan is one of State Transit's 12 Depot Managers and began his career with State Transit in 2000. He needed a flexible job while studying so began working as a casual Bus Operator in Port Botany. After graduating, he moved to a full time role. Over the following 10 years, Brendan began broadening his experience performing several operational and supervisory roles before taking on the role of Depot Manager at Tempe in 2009.

Since then, Brendan has moved onto manage one of State Transit's larger depots at Kingsgrove with over 160 buses and 300 staff. He enjoys the challenges of managing frontline operations at the depot which have helped him to develop his skills in delivering customer service and safety. "Customer service and safety are at the forefront of delivering services in my role as Depot Manager and I have been lucky to gain skills though skills training, mentoring and on-the-job experience."

There have been plenty of challenging experiences throughout Brendan's career. "I have always enjoyed working during special events the most. Whether it is a unique event like the Olympics or World Youth Day or annual events like New Years Eve or the City to Surf, it's great to be a part of it."

Brendan sees the main benefit of working at State Transit is having the opportunity to work at different locations in a broad range of fields. But what he appreciates most about his job is the people he works with. "State Transit has a diverse workforce with employees from a wide range of life and work experiences."



Service Controller

Meet Lucinda!
Lucinda began with State Transit in 2010 as a trainee Bus Operator and is currently a Service Controller in the Network Control Centre in Eveleigh. "After selling my business, I was looking for a job with security and the opportunities to develop my skills and move up in an organisation."

A year after joining, Lucinda began lending her experience to the Recruitment Team assisting them on several occasions with interviewing new Bus Operator candidates.

Lucinda moved into the Network Control Centre in 2014 and currently works along our colleagues at Transport for NSW as a Service Controller. Lucinda plays a key role in keeping our transport network moving by monitoring bus services and communicating with our drivers on the road to identify problems and keep them from escalating.

Lucinda and her team must keep up to date with the changes in technology such as upgrades to services monitoring and route information systems that keep track of where buses are in the network and how they are performing. Lucinda says "I have developed greater analytical and problem solving skills as well as improved my people and communication skills which help me in my daily routines".

What Lucinda enjoys most about her role is working in a great environment, having the stability and security of a great team and lots of opportunities to further her career. But mostly she enjoys the variety of the Control Centre. "Every day presents me with new challenges and the opportunity to help people".

Esat Bus Operator Trainer


Bus Operator Trainer

Meet Esat!
Esat is one of over 70 Bus Operator Trainers that work in Sydney and Newcastle. He began as a Trainee Bus Operator in 2005 after moving from New Zealand to finish his study as a mechanic. "I had no knowledge of Sydney at all. It was a big challenge for me to navigate my way around. But with the help of my trainers and colleagues, I was able to meet the challenge. I gained the patience to assist confused and frustrated passengers, the ability to really listen and communicate and the ability to resolve issues and help answer customer enquires."

Esat spent 5 years on the road not just getting to know the routes but the job as well. He then took the opportunity to become a Bus Operator Trainer which involved driving in the morning then coaching his colleagues in the afternoon.

A year later he became a Senior Trainer which sees him coordinating the delivery of training and assessment at Kingsgrove Depot and across the Southern Region. "As a trainer I developed the ability to handle surprises, be goal-oriented and manage my time. I’ve also had to negotiate, engage people and show a willingness to learn."

One of the most rewarding things for Esat however is being able to impart the skills he has learned on the road to others. "What I love about my job as a training coordinator the sense of achievement when I see my trainees becoming successful Bus Operators, Trainers, Supervisors and even Managers." Esat also sees the commitment of the staff as State Transit as a true benefit to the job. "I love that I get to learn new things about the company everyday. It’s great to work with people who are doing a great job and care about their company."

Raj Bus Operator


Bus Operator

Meet Raj!
Raj is a Bus Operator at Leichhardt Depot and joined State Transit in 2010. "I was looking for a job with great opportunities when a friend who was working as a Bus Operator at Ryde suggested that I join. One day I took a ride with him on the bus and was really impressed." Shortly after he began his traineeship at Leichhardt and became a fully-fledged driver in 2012.

Since then Raj has gone on to discover the many other benefits of the job. "Some of the benefits I see about for State Transit are getting 5 weeks annual leave with the option to purchase 4 more and having free travel on government transport." Working the midday relief shift is also great for Raj and his family. "Because I start late, I am able to drop the kids to school in the morning where as my wife starts and finishes early, so she collects them in the afternoon."

But most importantly, Raj sees the skills he has gained as the biggest benefit. "The best part of the job is being able to work in a diverse environment. You meet different people with different attitudes which help you to refresh your approach to communicating." He is always keen to learn new things and in addition to improving his communication and customer service skills, he has also learned how to drive safely, how to manage his time and most importantly, how to be patient.

These skills were recognised when Raj was awarded the 2015 Chief Executive's Award for Exceptional Customer Service after going out of his way to see an elderly customer safely home. His job has also enabled him to succeed personally as well professionally. "Because of this job, I have been able to achieve my personal target of buying my own home and more importantly, I have stability in my career and in my life."

Daniel Scheduler



Meet Daniel!
Daniel commenced in 2011 through a Cadetship Program in Logistics. The program allowed Daniel to work while he studied and provided him with practical training and on-the-job experience in areas such as rostering staff, managing charter hires and scheduling bus services. Following completion of his two year cadetship, Daniel secured a position as a Scheduler and is now based in Leichhardt scheduling bus services in Sydney's Southern Region.

Daniel has gained a lot of development during his time at State Transit. "I have become quite effective at interpreting the policy and procedures of the organisation, along with industrial instruments such as the Awards that apply to both Bus Operators and salaried staff". Daniel sees this experience and the other skills he has gained as a great foundation for building his future career. "Moving through different State Transit locations during the Cadetship Program, I have learnt the ability and importance of networking, significantly improved my confidence and developed my problem solving skills in order to schedule services efficiently for major events such as Sydney's City2Surf."

Daniel sees the other big benefits of working for State Transit are meeting people from many different 'walks of life' and providing a service to the community. "I love that I can be a part of making a difference in someone's life. State Transit plays such an integral part of getting people around Sydney, whether it is to and from work or other destinations and I like that I can be a part of providing a service of the highest quality to them."

One of Daniel's career highlights was being able to assist a Not for Profit organisation by arranging for free bus services for less fortunate to and from a Christmas Day function. "People reported back that there were smiles all around which was pleasing to hear. To be able to help those who are less fortunate and allow them to celebrate Christmas Day in a way that we may take for granted was a great feeling."



Senior Staff Supervisor

Meet Melissa!
Melissa is a Senior Staff Supervisor at Leichhardt Depot and began working with State Transit in 2008 as an Operations Trainee at Ryde. "As a Trainee I was given training and exposure to key functions of the organisation, ranging from finance, rostering, scheduling, operations and people management". The traineeship provided the perfect exposure for Melissa to move up into a people management role becoming a Staff Supervisor at Burwood Depot.

As a Staff Supervisor, Melissa supervised around 115 Bus Operators. She also assisted depot management with performance development and employee relations matters and supported the depot to exceed performance targets that achieve great customer service.

In 2013 she took on the role of Senior Staff Supervisor in Leichhardt Depot which has the additional responsibilities of leading and coaching other Staff Supervisors. She is also the central point of contact and control for depot operations in the absence of Depot and Duty Manager.

Having these extra responsibilities has pushed Melissa to strive harder. "The main benefit of my time with State Transit has been the opportunity to constantly challenge myself and further develop my skills". Melissa has not only gained development but a strong sense of personal satisfaction from her job. "I love meeting new people and watching them develop their own skills as professional drivers."

Melissa sees success in her job as being about communication and having a rapport with the people she supervises. "Every day is out of the ordinary. When you deal with people and their everyday life events you cannot expect to have the same day twice! Everybody you meet has a family, has their own goals, dreams and aspirations and as the link between them and the organisation, you must always be willing to assist."

Leslie Bus Operator


Bus Operator

Meet Leslie!
Leslie began her traineeship in 2010 and now works as a full time Bus Operator in Port Botany. Leslie appreciates how welcome she feels at work. "State Transit allows me to be me without judgement. People here come from all walks of life and work backgrounds and we have all become like family"

Working as a Bus Operator gives Leslie the work-life balance she needs and she enjoys the flexibility. "I'm not a morning person! Working nights allows me to enjoy the days by going to the beach in summer and to the gym in winter or even get some shopping done before I head to work."

Since completing her traineeship, Leslie has spent much of her time acting in other roles. These have included working as a Yard Supervisor coordinating the movement and despatch of buses at the depot and as a Duty Officer coordinating the day to day operations of staff at the depot. "There's a continuous flow of job opportunities where we are provided with training. State Transit allows you to turn your job into a career."

Leslie believes the secret to succeeding on the road is to be flexible, positive, optimistic and have a lot of patience! And of course she enjoys being behind the wheel. "I receive a lot of positive comments from customers when they board my bus. I guess they're not used to seeing female drivers. Despite the size of the bus, they're a lot easier to drive than they look!"