Advertise with Sydney Trains

We offer high-profile advertising opportunities across a network that spans Sydney and beyond.

Sydney Trains and NSW Trains offer advertising access to a wide and high-profile network.

With 1.3 million journeys per weekday across the network, the advertising solutions cover the commuters’ full journey from arrival at the station, waiting on the platform, inside the train, exiting the platform and the station with longer than normal dwell time. The advertising network also links to road-side billboards that capture road traffic attention.

Our commuter numbers are growing as the train network is seen as a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly way to travel to and from work, leisure and events.

Our Out-Of-Home Advertising suppliers can provide you with not only access to this network but also valuable information and audience details to enhance your campaign, target the people you want to engage with and make a real impact!

The advertising opportunities include use of traditional static, digital, sampling and experiential.



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