Sydney Trains Engineers

Have you considered an engineering career at Sydney Trains?

We manage a huge portfolio of assets and optimising the performance of those assets keeps our engineers constantly challenged and interested!  

As an engineer at Sydney Trains you’ll get to work on a wide variety of challenging, multi-disciplinary projects. Take your pick! You could be upgrading the track on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, automating the signalling in the Blue Mountains, or designing a culvert on the South Coast Line.

If you’re interested in developing smart engineering solutions, Sydney Trains is the place to be. We’re modernising, automating and innovating to create a more efficient, digital railway.

A day in the life of a Sydney Trains engineer...

Meet Joseph James who is a project engineer at Sydney Trains

Meet Lorraine Chirawu, a senior program manager with Sydney Trains

Meet Upuli Indigahamaditta, a senior program manager with Sydney Trains

Come and work with a great bunch of people, the experts in rail engineering.

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