Filming with Sydney Trains

Our rail network has long been a popular destination for photographers and filmmakers.

Due to lower weekday patronage on our network, we will now be reviewing applications for filming on weekends and weekdays. Previously, we could only accommodate filming on weekends due to the high patronage on weekdays. However, with weekday travel greatly reduced due to COVID-19, filming is now being permitted however peak hour restrictions will still apply.   

Amateur and professional filmmakers and photographers must obtain permission from Sydney Trains to conduct any filming/photography on our premises.

Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Sydney Trains reserves the right to refuse any filming and photography requests.

Your requirements

  • Applicants are required to submit an application for assessment and scheduling – Fees apply
  • A minimum of 10 business days notices is required to process applications.
  • Applicants must obtain Public Liability Insurance for the sum of $20 million.
  • The crew may be required to meet on site prior to filming with a Safety Officer for a briefing (call out fee will apply)

Fees and charges

Hourly fees apply at 4 hourly increments based on time of arrival on site until completion.

WEEKEND Fees (non refundable, GST inclusive)$400 per hour minimum*
WEEKDAY Fees (non refundable, GST inclusive, *conditions apply)$570 per hour minimum*
Legal assessment processing fee, mandatory supervision by a safety/liaison officer*Charged at 4 hour increments
Late fee (at the discretion of Sydney Trains – should an application be approved within the 10 business day period)


Prices are subject to change pending details on application. Additional fees may apply for medium to high impact film shoots based on the scope of the request.

Please note: we will no longer be accepting applications to film at the following locations – they are entirely out of bounds:

  • Central Platforms 26 & 27 (Ghost Platforms) – No longer accessible due to Sydney Metro works
  • St James Tunnels – Soon to be taken over by Sydney Metro Works, entire zone construction site
  • Newtown Tram sheds – inaccessible due to its derelict state, building materials hazardous

Locations that are accessible but subject to a case by case review include the following:

  • Central Service Tunnels – Access is subject to availability from Sydney Metro
  • North Eveleigh Warehouse - Building is derelict, inhabitable after light rainfalls, hazardous to crew using electrical equipment. Certain safety requirements will need to be met
  • Regent Street/Mortuary Station – Now occupied by Sydney Metro works, entire zone construction site access from the location. Area on track is occupied 

How to apply

Ensure you have the completed form along with all other required documents listed below:

  • Entire Script/Scenes/Storyboards with highlighted scenes you intend to film on our premises
  • Certificate of Public Liability Insurance ($20 Million)
  • Any other additional material to support your application

Forward all the documents to who will endeavour to respond within two business days.

Airport Link stations

Green Square, Mascot, Domestic Airport and International Airport stations are not operated by Sydney Trains. Should your application include any of these stations, approval from Airport Link Company Pty Ltd will need to be sought prior to submitting your application.

Olympic Park Station

Should your application include Olympic Park Station as a requested location, approval from Sydney Olympic Park Authority will need to be sought prior to submitting your application.