Second Hand Rail For Sale

Sydney Trains has Second Hand Rail that are available for sale from time to time.

For sale conditions and pricing, potential buyers interested in purchasing any of the items should get in touch with Bob Isherwood on:

    Mobile: 0413 005 873 or

Minimum purchase quantity

6 metres in length

Payment terms

Payment in advance by EFT, (inclusive of GST) - full payment prior to removal.

Location of goods


Special conditions

Second hand rail available in lengths up to 105m is provided for the Purchaser to cut, load and transport at their further cost. Access to site only when in possession of a Tax Invoice / Receipt.

Second hand rail template for sales of up to 105m

For sales in excess of 105m

Second Hand Rail - item list

Prices from 1 December 2019 to 30 June 2020

Item No.DescriptionMaximum lengthUnitPrice
001a60kg head hardened railUp to 105mmetre$43.50
001b60kg as rolled standard carbon railUp to 105mmetre$39.50
00253kg railUp to 105mmetre$39.50
00347kg railUp to 105mmetre$45.00
100Daily Storage charge per rail length, for each business day, in excess of sale removal dateUp to 105mPer Length$184.00