Filming and photography - amateur/hobbyists/student

We welcome enquiries from individuals and groups wishing to film or take photos on rail property.

As you can appreciate, our rail networks have long been a popular destination for amateur and professional filmmakers and photographers. We receive numerous requests and review each one individually.

While we welcome enquiries from individuals and groups wishing to film or take photos on rail property, there are restrictions that need to be followed to safeguard:

  • your safety, as well as that of our customers and staff
  • the efficient operation of stations and trains
  • the integrity of security systems and essential equipment.

Generally, for photography requests for non-commercial use such as from hobbyists and students, we require they contact the station where they wish to film or take photos.

Station staff can assess the impact the activity will have on our operations. While they will do their best to accommodate such requests, they reserve the right to refuse permission to film or take photographs. They may also require you to contact the Sydney Trains Media and Issues Unit for permission.

If permission is obtained, hobbyist and amateur photographers should note that entry to any rail property, including stations, is at their own risk. While on rail property, they must comply with the directions given by station staff or transport officers.

While on our property, you must NOT:

  • enter areas that are not accessible to the public
  • climb on or obstruct signals equipment or signs
  • take images that identifies people
  • cross or allow your equipment to cross the yellow line
  • obstruct the flow of people on and off trains and through the station
  • obstruct tactile pathways
  • direct lights or camera flashes in the direction of oncoming trains
  • film or photograph surveillance cameras, security equipment or graffiti
  • take films or photos which depict unsafe or criminal behaviour.

We are aware that we cannot stop people from taking photos on their mobile devices. We only ask that they do not put their personal safety at risk.

Commercial filming and photography

If you are interested in commercial filming or photography on Sydney Trains premises, please refer to more information which can be found on our web page here: