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Transport for NSW is responsible for the contracting of passenger ferry services in NSW. Ferries operate on a number of major NSW waterways, including Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, Pittwater, Brisbane Waters, Port Hacking and the Hunter, Clarence and Hawkesbury Rivers.

Ferry services are provided by both State Government and privately-owned operators in NSW.

Ferry operator licensing

Ferry operators must hold a contract from Transport for NSW which sets out the responsibilities of the operator in delivering passenger services. Ferry operators must comply with the Passenger Transport Act and relevant regulations.

Ferry operators can obtain further information by calling Transport for NSW's Services Division on (02) 9891 8900.

Ferries are also subject to the relevant commercial vessel and marine legislation and regulations managed by Roads and Maritime Services. For information, visit the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Drug and alcohol guidelines

Individual employees are under an obligation to take reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of others and to cooperate with employers in their efforts to comply with the requirements of the Passenger Transport Act 1990 and the relevant occupational health and safety requirements.

Operators are responsible for ensuring that risks to health and safety in the workplace are identified and assessed, then eliminated or controlled. These risks include those posed by the use of alcohol or other drugs.

The Guidelines promote a consistent approach across the ferry sector to managing the risks posed by drug and alcohol use.

The Guidelines set out the principles governing operator policies and the approaches needed to manage this potential problem. The Guidelines state the context in which drug & alcohol testing will take place but do not prescribe the basis of that testing or how it is to be administered.

The systems an operator needs to implement the Guidelines should correlate to its size and resources.

The Guidelines shall have force subject to section 53C of the Passenger Transport Act 1990.

Last updated: 2 November 2016

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